Cheddar Inc.’s Melissa Rosenthal | DIS launch offer about to end

If your company is in the game of targeting millennials particularly interested in business and technology, then chances are you already know a good deal about Cheddar. The live and on-demand video news network that focuses on covering innovative products, technologies and services, launched in the US a couple of years ago with the aim of filling the void of business news for young people.

The company's Executive Vice-President, Melissa Rosenthal spoke at DIS2018 (Digital Innovators’ Summit). Below she shares with us her DIS experience and provides a quick update on latest Cheddar developments.

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Back to Melissa…

How was DIS 2018 for you overall?

The event was overwhelmingly a positive experience. It was great being able to connect with thought leaders outside of the US and hear their take on the industry we are trying to disrupt.

What was the reaction to your presentation? Any interesting follow up conversations?

The reaction was great. I received a ton of follow up notes on LinkedIn from many individuals who watched my presentation. No new business as of yet, but great to make these connections.

How has Cheddar developed in the months since the event? Any new milestones?

Yes, Cheddar has grown significantly since I spoke. We have launched on YouTubeTV and Hulu Live, and we have acquired MTV Campus Network from Viacom. This effectively makes us the largest millennial/ college post-cable network in the US. You can read more about Cheddar here.

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