DIS Berlin Tour "Blockchain"

The DIS Berlin Blockchain Tour

Blockchain is changing how media companies compete. However, the current hype about blockchain, the diversity of use cases being proposed, and their potential disruptive effects make it difficult for media companies to judge what might be possible for them and what's merely a pipe dream.

That's why VDZ & FIPP are organising a "DIS Berlin Blockchain Tour" just one day before the main conference, on Monday 23 March 2020. Come join us on our tour through Berlin and meet innovative blockchain companies with essential use cases for publishers.

Why Berlin?

Berlin is fast becoming a global hub for blockchain technology. A wave of developers, programmers and entrepreneurs are helping to build a rich blockchain ecosystem in the German capital city. Berlin is going toe-to-toe with Singapore, London, New York, San Francisco, Tallinn and Toronto in a bid to claim the fiercely contested title of Blockchain Capital of the world.


DIS + Berlin Tour Registration

To sign up for the DIS Berlin Blockchain Tour, add it to your booking when you sign up for DIS 2020. If you've already booked your ticket to the summit or have questions about the tour, please email Lolita Lara Lux at: l.lux[at]vdz.de


250 Euro (plus VAT) for DIS delegates
590 Euro (plus VAT) for non-delegates