DIS Berlin Tour: Blockchain

March 23, 2020

The DIS Berlin Blockchain Tour

Blockchain is changing how media companies compete. However, the current hype about blockchain, the diversity of use cases being proposed, and their potential disruptive effects make it difficult for media companies to judge what might be possible for them and what's merely a pipe dream.

That's why VDZ & FIPP are organising a "DIS Berlin Blockchain Tour" just one day before the main conference, on Monday 23 March 2020. Come join us on our tour through Berlin and meet innovative blockchain companies with essential use cases for publishers.

Why Berlin?

Berlin is fast becoming a global hub for blockchain technology. A wave of developers, programmers and entrepreneurs are helping to build a rich blockchain ecosystem in the German capital city. Berlin is going toe-to-toe with Singapore, London, New York, San Francisco, Tallinn and Toronto in a bid to claim the fiercely contested title of Blockchain Capital of the world.


DIS + Berlin Tour Registration

To sign up for the DIS Berlin Blockchain Tour, add it to your booking when you sign up for DIS 2020. If you've already booked your ticket to the summit or have questions about the tour, please email Lolita Lara Lux at: l.lux[at]vdz.de

Confirmed Companies and Speakers

The Nunatak Group


The Nunatak Group was founded as a strategy consultancy in 2011 by entrepreneurs with a digital and media focus. Today, they develop digital strategies for companies across diverse industries – ranging from media, telecommunications, and financial services to big consumer brands and industrial groups, a number of which are DAX-listed. By focusing on digital marketing and communication, growth strategies, digital coaching and investment advice, they help clients tap the potential of the ongoing revolution.


Dr. Fabian Göbel, Principal, The Nunatak Group

Fabian is a senior strategist with focus on growth strategies and marketing in the digital area. His areas of expertise include brand management, digital customer experience and marketing automation (MarTech and AdTech). His experience results from projects with international corporates across Europe, the USA and Asia in various industries. He holds a PhD in Business Administration (Strategic Brand Management in Social Media) from the LMU Ludwig Maximilians-University of Munich.



The Jolocom app gives users control over their own digital identity using blockchain technology. Data owners themselves can determine who receives which information from them and how long it can be stored.

Jolocom builds decentralized software solutions that enable people, organizations, and machines to own and control their identity information. The   Jolocom   Protocol   facilitates   the   generation   and   management   of   Decentralized Identifiers, Verifiable Credentials, and cryptographic signatures —  the  core  building  blocks  of  Jolocom  identities.  Jolocom  identities  are  created entirely locally using hierarchical deterministic keys and are designed to enable management of multiple personas by individual users as well as preservation of pairwise anonymity in context-specific interactions.


Kai Wagner, Partnership Developer, Jolocom

Kai is responsible for partnership development at Jolocom. In addition to his work at Jolocom, he is active in the German Blockchain Association (Bundesblock) where he is working on digital identity standardization and data privacy. Just last October, Bundesblock published a comprehensive introduction to Self-Sovereign Identity, a position paper that Kai Wagner and to which he contributed as lead author (bit.ly/ssipaper). He has joined the board of INATBA in April of 2019 and is now putting his effort into building up INATBA as a global leader in the blockchain ecosystem.



SatoshiPay is a micropayment platform that enables digital transactions on a micro-scale. Its technology enables content providers to monetize digital goods in extremely small increments and without the need for locking up user funds. The platform allows its users and companies to trade digital goods in very small increments. Based in London, England, and Berlin, Germany, SatoshiPay receives funding from Axel Springer Plug & Play, Henning Peters, Coinsilium Group, and FastForward Innovations.


DIS + Berlin Tour Registration

To sign up for the DIS Berlin Blockchain Tour, add it to your booking when you sign up for DIS 2020. If you've already booked your ticket to the summit, simply book the tour separately on the DIS registration page. If you have any questions, please email Lolita Lara Lux at: l.lux[at]vdz.de


250 Euro (plus VAT) for DIS delegates
590 Euro (plus VAT) for non-delegates