Steffen Konrath

CEO and Founder
Liquid Newsroom


Steffen Konrath is founder of LIQUID NEWSROOM. Before starting LIQUID NEWSROOM he hold various management positions developing mobile and digital products and business models at Süddeutscher Verlag, and 1&1, to name the most recent. His research and product development focusses on applying predictive and AI technology in newsroom environments.

About Liquid Newsroom

LNR is a web-based platform to distribute content from any source to any kind of distribution channel. Channels include websites, social media, and mobile channels and physical screens in the real world to allow contextual storytelling. The LNR technology uses social graph analytics and AI technology to measure the size of markets, search for topic trends, identify content gaps and to distribute content to an audience following a segment-of-one approach. LIQUID NEWSROOM offers consulting services to support strategic management in their decision making process.

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