Rob Ristagno

Founder and CEO
The Sterling Woods Group, USA


Rob Ristagno, Founder and CEO of the Sterling Woods Group, previously served as a senior executive at several digital media and e-commerce businesses, including as COO of America's Test Kitchen. Throughout his career, his focus has been on embracing technology and analytics to spur strategic development and growth.

At the Sterling Woods Group, he and the team are passionate about helping clients understand their best customers through data, and developing products and membership programs that exceed expectations – and generate impressive revenues.

Committed to spreading this message, Rob is the author of A Member is Worth a Thousand Visitors and is a regular keynote speaker at conferences around the world. He has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, and Digiday.

He holds degrees from the Harvard Business School and Dartmouth College and has taught at both Harvard and Boston College.

About The Sterling Woods Group, USA

The Sterling Woods Group's mission is to help media companies thrive in the digital world. We use a hypothesis-driven, data-supported methodology to discover new, viable business opportunities, then help you assemble the right technologies, marketing plans, and resources to execute.

We've helped dozens of clients launch new revenue streams, such as highly-lucrative digital memberships. Part technology, part services, our Scout solution drives tremendous revenue growth because it's the most analytical approach to launching and scaling new digital products.

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