Pier Bozzano

Head of Area24 – Content Innovation Lab
Gruppo 24 Ore, USA


Pierpaolo Bozzano is the head of the Content Innovation Lab of Gruppo 24 Ore. He is a journalist and has worked in the North American Correspondence Office of Gruppo 24 Ore since 2004, covering finance, politics and three presidential elections and managing the newswire services in the New York office. His work shifted from journalism to software journalism a few years ago. He and his team have designed and developed content management systems to specifically facilitate new models of storytelling for digital products. In November 2017, the Content Innovation Lab was constituted with the specific goal of harvesting the power of artificial intelligence and automation within the newsroom. The lab, referred to as Area24, creates prototypes and tests new ideas looking beyond the current production cycle and focusing on tools, trends and technologies for the publishing products of the future. Gruppo 24 Ore, under the Content Innovation Lab's leadership, has obtained 1m euros in funding from Google in 2018 to develop projects that will bring AI in the newsroom and bridge the print-first business into a high-quality, consumer-oriented digital business.

About Gruppo 24 Ore, USA

The 24 Ore Group is the leading Italian multimedia publishing organization, operating in the economic, financial, professional, and cultural information sectors. Il Sole 24 Ore is the leading newspaper in business, financial and regulatory information, and key driver of the high brand profile of the Group's operations as a whole.

Il Sole 24 Ore was created on 9 November 1965 from the merger of two highly-respected Milanese dailies, Il Sole and 24 Ore. The first copy of Il Sole came out on 1 August 1865. This means that Il Sole 24 Ore can rightfully claim to be the oldest newspaper in Milan still in circulation, as well as one of the leading financial dailies in Europe (nugget: the merged name means 'the sun shines 24/7'). In Italy, it is the third-largest daily newspaper in average print+digital circulation, and the leading one in digital circulation. The newspaper offers insightful coverage of events and issues touching politics, the economy, legislation, Italian and international financial markets, and is a point of reference for professionals and households.

Listed on the Italian Stock Exchange since 6 December 2007, the 24 ORE Group also controls the Radiocor news agency (leader in Italy in financial information) and Radio 24, the news & talk radio station, on air since 4 October 1999. The 24 Ore Group enjoys a solid competitive market position in the field of tailored services to professionals and businesses thanks to its databanks, online services and training programs.

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