Pia Frey

Co-Founder and Head of Publisher


Pia Frey is co-founder at Opinary, a venture-backed media startup that changes how people share their opinion in content. Before she started Opinary, Pia was working as a journalist and in product development for Axel Springer/ Die Welt in Berlin and in the Silicon Valley. In 2016, Pia was ranked as "Journalist of the Year" and elected one of Forbes' 30 under 30 in media in 2017. She also published a series of bestselling books.

About Opinary

Opinary is a venture-backed media startup based in Berlin and New York. Opinary invented a new way how users share their opinion easily in-content and helps them to get a quick and deep understanding in key debates. Opinary transforms, converts and monetizes user interaction for content creators, publishers and brands with up to 32 million monthly users and partners ranging from Huffington Post to Guardian to Toyota.

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