Ognjen Zelenbabić

Data Science Team Lead
Content Insights


Ognjen Zelenbabić is a Data Science Team Lead at Content Insights, a company that provides a cutting-edge content performance analytics solution. With more than 10 years of experience in the field of data analysis and data science, Ognjen worked on a plethora of sophisticated projects that were mostly focused on complex algorithm development.

After a number of successful years in this field, Ognjen decided to tackle new challenges and take his experience in algorithm development and robotics engineering to the world of web analytics.

Following a number of successful projects in this domain that include online retail store optimization, the development of web traffic recommendation engine, and the setup of digital leads monetization – Ognjen joined Content Insights. Today, he leads a team of very talented data analysts on a quest to help the online media overcome their biggest business challenges.

Ognjen was at the forefront of the recent research regarding the reader's journey of becoming a loyal subscriber. It resulted in an innovative approach that defines loyal readers and their value to publishers who operate on a subscription-based business model. Ognjen will present the findings of this research on DIS 2019, on the Discovery Stage.

About Content Insights

Content Insights presents the analytics solution to one of the biggest problems facing the online publishing industry: how to move past simple metrics and find a more comprehensive approach to measuring content performance. The goal is to reveal the human behaviour behind the stats and data, and help you to define your success patterns so you can replicate them in the future.

Our dashboard-based solution uses a unique algorithm called the Content Performance Indicator (CPI), which examines a myriad of metrics and provides actionable insights about your website, sections, topics, authors, and articles.

With our analytics tool, you can see what type of content influences loyal behaviour and brings the biggest ROI to your publication. Content Insights assists editors and content creators in making data-informed decisions and staying one step ahead in this fast-changing industry.

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