Nancy Spears

genConnect, USA


Nancy Spears is a serial entrepreneur specializing in digital communications, video production and online education.

Nancy has built and sold companies with a keen awareness of creating trends, not following them. She sees change as a necessity for success and is not afraid to pivot a business model in order to solve a problem and fill a market need.

Her wide-ranging experience includes branding, edutech, influencer branding, video production and event strategy. Nancy has created programs for Fortune 100 clients including: Nike, Eli Lilly, Verizon, CocaCola, J&J and Time Warner.

A specialist in Olympic Game sponsor marketing, Nancy designed and produced programs for numerous worldwide sponsors including: CocaCola, AT&T, John Hancock, Lucent, Swatch and Xerox.

As media, Nancy and her companies have created and distributed video content at numerous global events including: SXSW, Aspen Ideas Festival, CES, Sundance, Aspen Food and Wine, Cannes Lions and DreamForce to name a few.

About genConnect, USA

genconnectU is pioneering a new way to advance the careers and personal lives of women everywhere. Born from our obsession to empower women we are disrupting traditional learning and delivering extraordinary outcomes.

gcU's technology driven educational process enables consumers to engage with world-class experts through concise instructional videos and multi-media lessons and then enrich their learning experience with coaching and credentials. Each lesson and course delivered is optimized for mobile use and social distribution.

Time and access are our greatest commodities. gcU's comprehensive e-learning process delivers the short-path, long-tail learning experience that is empowering women globally.

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