Michael Fischer

Managing Director
AdTech Factory


After completing his business administration degree, Michael began his career in 1996 as a management consultant in various well known top-management consulting firms. In 2009, he joined BCN as CFO and was later promoted to Director of Finance & Operations. In 2016, he founded AdTech Factory. Michael is now Managing Director and chief ideas provider, a passionate perfectionist and numbers nerd for corporate development. He brings a breath of fresh air to the advertising industry and to AdTech Factory's happy clients.

About AdTech Factory

Founded in April 2016, the AdTech Factory has reinvented ad management. Why? Because processing print, online and mobile ads is becoming increasingly complex and technologically challenging, and therefore more cost intensive – while display advertising revenues are not growing. AdTech Factory offers a new, highly innovative technology stack for an integrated, cloud-based CRM and booking architecture for all media genres and sales channels. The ad management services offered with this unique platform are flexible, independent of individual publishers and marketers, and compatible with existing publishing systems. Sharing resources in this area reduces costs and provides publishers easy access to all the world's latest, leading-edge technologies.

Ready to fulfil your requirements and get set for the future: our premium partners Salesforce, BrightGen, Jitterbit and Google provide the IT power, while AdTech Factory provides the industry expertise. Welcome to the future of ad management.

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