Mark Stephens

Head of Content Marketing
The Foundry Time Inc.


Mark brings over 17 years experience in media, marketing, creative and strategy; having working with and for a range of Publishers, Creative agencies and Clients in Europe and US. With the good fortune to work with some of the most talented creatives, technologists and strategists to deliver marketing solutions for brands as diverse as EBAY, Google, The Economist, ASOS, Sony, Pernod Ricard, Vodafone, Lavazza and Boots. A firm believer in the mantra that INSIGHT leads to IDEA to IMPLEMENTATION as a process to delivery.

About The Foundry Time Inc.

Responsible for the strategic direction and performance of Commercial Content Marketing within Time Inc's creative division, The Foundry. The department is designed to open up the ever-broadening world of content to commercial partners and show them the plethora of ways they can work with Time Inc. Our team devise creative marketing strategies based on audience insight and the interpretation of data to develop engaging solutions.

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