Mari-Sanna Paukkeri

Co-Founder & CEO
Utopia Analytics Oy, Finland


Dr. Mari-Sanna Paukkeri is Co-Founder and CEO of Utopia Analytics, an AI house specialized in text analytics in all languages in the world. Dr. Paukkeri has gained a status of being an expert of Artificial Intelligence and is lecturing on AI, machine learning, human behaviour, data and text analytics in both academic and business seminars all over the world. Dr. Paukkeri got her doctoral thesis on artificial intelligence and computational linguistics from Aalto University in 2012 and has worked with many mid-size and large companies around difficult cases of data and artificial intelligence.

About Utopia Analytics Oy, Finland

Utopia Analytics is a world-leading text analytics company. We provide tools and services that enable our customers to analyse text content automatically. With the help of text analytics, data mining and machine learning, our tools are automated, fully customizable and easy to implement.

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