Margaret Ann Dowling

Founder, Create and; Ambassador & Founder, Singularity University Warsaw Chapter
Create and


Margaret Ann Dowling is a Media industry and Emerging market specialist. She has a BA in Psychology and Philosophy from UCD, she has been running media companies in Central Europe for 25 years. Margaret Ann established the first Polish Chapter of the Singularity University in Warsaw in early 2017 - she believes in using the power of technology and Network Theory to solve the world's grand challenges. Margaret Ann believes that the jobs of the future will be more about exploring our hobbies - applying Flow Theory to work. Being able to explore our passions will enable us, through non invasive elevated cognition, to really address some of the biggest challenges we face as global citizens. Margaret Ann is currently working on a start up concept with Enterprise Ireland the world's largest seed investor, and enjoys spending time with her two teenage sons while they still have some interest in doing so!

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