Linda Ligios

Managing Editor
Springwise Intelligence


Linda Ligios is Managing Editor at Springwise, responsible for the curation and publication of the latest innovations and inspiring business ideas from all over the world. Beginning her career in licensing and syndication, she has contributed to the growth of BBC Magazines’s international portfolio providing branding and editorial guidance to over 60 licensed editions across 33 territories. With a passion for radio production and digital storytelling, she has previously worked with other major British institutions including The British Library and King's College London to disseminate best practices, organise events and promote innovative open-source solutions in the digital preservation space.

About Springwise Intelligence

Springwise is a leading digital publishing brand in the innovation and disruption field, sourcing and curating the most cutting edge innovations from all over the world.

As the global source for innovation intelligence, our mission is to drive positive change through disruptive innovation. Our editorial team is supported by a network of 20,000+ Springspotters who sources the latest innovation, start-up and new business ideas from around the world. Every day we validate, curate and summarise the top innovations, which feed into a fully searchable database containing 8800+ innovations across all industries and geographies.

Springwise expertise helps our subscribers to drive product and business transformation and gain visibility into profitable innovations for faster deployment and competitive advantage.

Every year we donate to 1% for the Planet to help deliver greater support for environmental solutions.

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