Kristian Meinken

Managing Director
Mercury Media Technology


Kristian Meinken, as Managing Director at agency pilot Hamburg, is responsible for advising the customer Procter & Gamble, for whom the agency is responsible for purchasing digital advertising space in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In addition, it is driving innovation and the development of new products and business units. Mercury Media Technology GmbH is currently one of the most important customers.

About Mercury Media Technology

Mercury Media Technology GmbH is a 100% subsidiary of pilot and operates as an independent service provider in the market. With MercuryMedia, the company has developed a central operating system for the mediabank of the future, which links and organizes the workflow of planning, purchasing, optimization and reporting. The software makes the management of campaigns much easier, more efficient and increases the quality. Advertisers and agencies, the new development is available as a SaaS offering.

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