Jon Wilks

Chief Content Officer
Content Insights


Jon Wilks is Chief Content Officer at Content Insights, a tech company that is shaking up how we think about editorial analytics. Formerly the editor of Time Out Tokyo and Time Out Abu Dhabi, Jon worked the traditional route through print journalism to running Time Out Tokyo as a digital-only publication, before setting up one of London's first content marketing departments at Arena and Havas Media. Having spent time on both sides of the journalism/marketing divide, he brings a unique take on some of the difficulties the industry is facing.

About Content Insights

In tech terminology, Content Insights is a multi-faceted web analytics platform for data-driven evaluation, ranking and comparing of authors and content performance across websites. In everyday speak, our package helps journalists and editors understand how their audience responds to their work in a really simple and comprehensible way.

Launched officially in June, 2016, Content Insights is the brainchild of a group of editors who found existing analytics tools a bit too time-consuming to be called efficient. Having spent two years talking with editors across the globe, and refining what is essentially a massive Big Data machine, we're delighted to be able to share what we think is the most useful (and most editor-friendly!) editorial analytics package out there today.

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