John Peeters

Director Business Development & Co-Owner


John Peeters has over 20 years of experience as a commercial director for several Dutch retail companies.

The rapidly changing (retail) environment sparked his decision to leave the traditional corporate career path and joined London based creative digital agency Holition (

He was interested in exploring the immersive digital journey: a journey that is taking off and heading for destinations unknown. John initiated the strategic alliance of Holition with partner agency Moritz Waldemeyer (, a German artist who lives and works in London and called by some the "Damien Hirst of Light".

John Peeters is a co-owner of Holition and responsible for global business development for both agencies.

Due to this collaboration John is able to present immersive digital solutions and bespoke design of light that may go beyond your imagination.

About Holition

In 2008, pre-iPhone, pre-Twitter and at the dawn of Facebook, the founders of Holition were working in the luxury industry, frustrated with the Digital Dark Age mentality of their companies. In an effort to keep brand heritage at the centre of their product development model, their companies shied away from digital creation but Holition's founders saw the way the industry was changing and wanted to be part of it.

Holition's goal is to better understand the role of technology; working as a 'one stop shop' to examine what a brand is trying to communicate, how they could deliver it and how technology could help facilitate this move.

They believe in meeting the digital consumer through narrative marketing and using technology to take brands or an idea beyond a click-click-buy model.

Their mission statement is how to use technology to communicate big ideas and John joins DIS 2017 to walk us through some of their projects to date of Louis Vuitton, Uniqlo, Rimmel, L’Oréal, Dunhill, Dom Pérignon, Lyst, Boucheron etc.

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