Jennifer Brandel

Co-Founder & CEO
Hearken, USA


Jennifer Brandel is the CEO and Co-founder of Hearken. She began her career in journalism reporting for outlets including NPR, CBC, WBEZ, The New York Times and Vice, picking up awards along the way. In 2012 Brandel founded the groundbreaking audience-first series, WBEZ's Curious City, and is spreading this public-powered journalism model around the world via Hearken. Her company participated in the Matter VC accelerator in San Francisco and took home the prize for "Best Bootstrap Company" at SXSW in 2016 and won the News Media Alliance 2017 Accelerator. Brandel is a recipient of the Media Changemaker Prize by the Center for Collaborative Journalism, was named one of 30 World-Changing Women 2018 in Conscious Business and is a 2018 Columbia Sulzberger Fellow. She is a co-founder of Zebras Unite, a conference and global community that aims to create a more ethical and inclusive startup culture.

About Hearken, USA

Hearken grows audience and revenue through developing engagement talent, techniques and technology. We partner with newsrooms around the world to transform their culture and practices to audience-first design. Our partners report break news, break performance records, win awards and generate new revenue streams through our unique public-powered methodology and technology.

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