Ingo Rübe



As of January 2018: CEO, BOTlabs, Germany 2012 – 2017: CTO at Burda Magazines – Responsible for technological change in print and digital publications and new business models and since April 2016 Thunder CMS Initiator. 2006 – 2012: Project Director at Axel Springer SE – Responsible for all IT- and consulting projects within BILD-Group and magazines. 2004 – 2006: Operations Director at Torex Retail – Responsible for all European customer projects 1995- 2001: Founder and General Manager of Network Department, later merged with the IT activities of Fresenius AG to form Fresenius Netcare Studied Computer Science at Technische Universität Berlin.

About BOTlabs

Burda Media invests in blockchain technology and founded the start-up BOT Labs in Berlin in January together with Ingo Rübe, up to now CTO of the national publishing business. The business goal of the company is to develop practical innovations for companies based on the blockchain technology, and to identify ways of integrating them into the operational business.

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