Fabian von Heimburg

Co-Founder and Managing Director


Hotnest Technology is a Chinese- European AI and Big Data-driven consumer brand acceleration platform. Hotnest enables consumer brands to scale in the Chinese market using its proprietary technology platform. From logistics, payments, marketing to sales across all online and offline channels, the Hotnest platform provides a one stop shop “cloud operations solution” for the largest consumer market on the planet. Hotnest Technology has serviced over 200 clients and works with some of the world's and China's largest consumer brands, such as LVMH Group, Henkel, Guotai Junan Securities, China Life Insurance and Interpublic Group. Hotnest is also invested by some of China's most recognized venture capital funds.

Fabian was voted on both Forbes Magazine's 30 under 30 Asia as well as China lists and is frequently featured by international media such as Forbes, Bloomberg, CCTV, China Daily etc. He is one of the very few western entrepreneurs to start a technology start up for the Chinese market and speaks fluent mandarin Chinese. Through his position as the China Head for the German Startups Association, he also works with and advises European, US and Chinese government organizations and private corporations to connect the respective startup and investment ecosystems.

Fabian previously worked at Google and the United Nations and holds a degree in Economic History from the London School of Economics (LSE) and studied Economics and History at Peking University.

About Hotnest

Hotnest is a Shanghai-based artificial intelligence marketing and consulting automation platform for brands and companies.

Through the Hotnest platform, companies can monitor, improve and automatize their marketing and sales processes in China and abroad.

Aggregating and analyzing billions of different data points in real time from social, e-commerce, search and brand internal data, Hotnest enables brands to scale their marketing from product launch to growth in a data- and result-driven way. Hotnest's AI marketing cloud provides brands with tools to automatize their strategic and creative decision making, reduce their costs through it's automatic vendor management software and mitigate campaign risk by forecasting ROI. Clients have executed over 1000 projects on the Hotnest platform. The company currently holds over six registered patents including its NLP software and marketing analytics.

Hotnest customers and cooperation partners include small and medium-sized businesses that want to grow in the Chinese market as well as large corporations such as LVMH Group, SAP, WPP Group and Jiubai Group.

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