Fabian von Heimburg

Co-Founder and Managing Director


    Fabian von Heimburg is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Hotnest (English translation of the Chinese name ReChao 热巢), a leading Chinese Big Data Advertising Platform. He founded Hotnest in 2014 in China with a Chinese partner after working for the United Nations in New York. Fabian is one of the very few western foreigners to start a technology start up for the Chinese market and speaks fluent mandarin Chinese. Aside from his role at Hotnest he also acts as the Chief China Representative for the German Startups Association, which together with the German and Chinese Government, facilitates exchange and several initiatives connecting the European and Chinese startup and investment eco systems. Fabian previously worked for leading international companies in the new media and Big Data space such as Google, Axel Springer and IDG in London, San Francisco and Berlin. He also lectured entrepreneurship to chinese students at ShanghaiTech University/Chinese Academy of Science, one of China's leading universities. Fabian grew up in Germany, currently lives in China and holds a degree in Economic History from the London School of Economics and studied Economics at Peking University.

    About Hotnest

    Hotnest is a leading Chinese Big Data Advertising Platform. Initially founded as a data-driven media company with over 20 Million clicks in just six months, Hotnest evolved into a platform harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to provide insights for leading advertising agencies, brands and influencers and revolutionize the existing model for social- driven content advertising.

    Hotnest helps the largest Chinese and international advertising agencies, brands, media companies and influencers understand the Chinese consumer. For the first time in history everyone has a voice and can make money creating meaningful content. Hotnest's platform analyzes data from tens of millions of Chinese social media accounts, media companies and advertisers. The platform then bundles the creative voice of hundreds of millions of Chinese and enables them to earn money by creating data driven content and reach brands and consumers.

    Hotnest's systems and platform analyse billions of articles and consumer interactions from leading Chinese social media, forums, video- and news websites such as Wechat, Weibo and Baidu. It then applies machine-learning algorithms to analyze language, pictures and videos. Analysing the Chinese language is distinctly more difficult then any alphabetic language. Hotnest has developed a way to find patterns and extract meaning from this complex system with its 10.000s of different characters.

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