Erica Anderson

Executive Producer: Content and Partnerships for Kara Swisher
Vox Media, USA


Erica Anderson (@EricaAmerica) serves as Executive Producer for Kara Swisher at Vox Media. She oversees Swisher's editorial and business strategy across podcasts, events and entertainment. Previously she worked at Google, Twitter, MTV News and CBS News.

At Google, Erica ran a global effort to help the company improve quality of journalism in product and maintain positive relations with the news industry. She was also one of the organizers of the Google Walkout, a 20,000 person protest against unethical conduct.

In 2010, Erica was Twitter’s first employee from the news industry and played a pivotal role shaping their journalistic views. Her work included the development of satellite long codes (to Tweet from war zones) and journalist access to detection signals (to quickly verify information).

Prior to Twitter, Erica recentered Katie Couric in American culture using Twitter. She is also a journalist, having covered the 2008 U.S. Presidential election for MTV News.

About Vox Media, USA

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Meet Erica Anderson

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