Edoardo Jacucci

Chief Product Officer


Edoardo Jacucci is Chief Product Officer at Bisnode, responsible for data collection, data science and product management for the product portfolio of the group. Prior to Bisnode, Edoardo worked at Schibsted Media Group for three years, where he defined and implemented the group data & analytics strategy, building a central analytics team and the underlying big data platform. The team built profiling models for targeted advertising, recommendation engines for the website in the group and created insights into user engagement and growth driver. In the latter part of his tenure at Schibsted, Edoardo was responsible for the privacy strategy for the group as well as led product development of the group identity and privacy products. Prior to Schibsted, Edoardo was with McKinsey & Co. for 5 years as Associate Partner and leader in the Big Data in Banking service line.  Edoardo holds a M.Sc. in Computer Science Engineering from the Polytechnic in Milan, Italy and a PhD in Information Systems from the University of Oslo, Norway.

About Bisnode

Bisnode is one of the largest providers in Europe for business and consumer data & analytics. Bisnode has two main service line: Risk & Credit and Marketing, both for business and consumers. Risk & Credit services include ratings, predictions, monitoring, compliance and decision automation, while marketing services include data quality, data enrichment, predictions (e.g. churn, conversion), and the entire life cycle (acquisition, growth, retention) as well as multi-channel targeting (including online). Bisnode has a uniquely broad and deep data set on businesses and consumers, predominantly based on offline data, that creates the foundations for distinctive rating and marketing services. Bisnode is investing in bringing its unique profiling capabilities to the online world to help advertisers and media companies differentiate their ad targeting. We also invest in big data capabilities (for example large scale website crawling, natural language processing and automated early trigger systems) to help businesses with monitoring and risk management.

 Bisnode has 2400 employees, revenue of just under EUR 400 million, presence in 18 countries in Europe and head quarters in Stockholm, Sweden.

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