Donata Hopfen



Donata Hopfen has been the CEO of Verimi since October 2017. Previously Donata was the Publishing Director and Head of the Management Board of BILD Group, Europe’s largest newspaper and Germany’s largest digital news portal, since May 2014. Before that Donata was the Managing Director of BILD’s digital and mobile activities. Donata joined Axel Springer in 2003 and has held various positions including responsibility for business development and product management at BILD.T-Online, and head of business development in Axel Springer’s electronic media department. Donata is also a member of the Digital Expert Board of Deutsche Postbank AG and a member of the Foundation Board of SWAB. Donata holds diplomas in European business administration from the Universities of Madrid and Reutlingen.

About verimi

Secure login, personal data management and access control – with just one click.

For Users: VERIMI is the home of your digital identity. Simplify your everyday life by securely reusing stored data in your interaction with companies and authorities on the Internet. With the help of cutting-edge technologies, VERIMI enables the combination of user-friendliness with the highest security and data protection standards.

For Business: VERIMI is designed as an extremely secure infrastructure component for innovative end-to-end business models in order to securely place offers on local and global markets, independent of international platform providers and in accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), covering LoA 1-3.

For Public Authorities: VERIMI enables electronic access to public services as well as public sector portals and supports a citizen-friendly and efficient administration at federal state, regional state and municipal level. We follow the eIDAS regulation, based on secured but open standards of Internet technologies.

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