Cosmin Ene

Founder and CEO


Cosmin Ene is an entrepreneurial founder with an excellent first-hand understanding of the life cycle of entrepreneurial ventures, which he has accumulated over 18 years: Startups he led went through all stages of development from initial idea to marketing and sales, including business development and financing. In 2010 Ene started LaterPay a micropayment enabler. Between 2005 and 2009, Ene was co-founder and managing director of DELUXE Television. Prior to this, he was analyst and associate at Munich-based TecVenture Partners, a venture capital investor in the IT, internet and telecommunications sector.

About LaterPay

LaterPay, a micropayment enabler headquartered in Munich, offers technology for digital content and service providers. Publishers and other merchants have the choice of complementing revenue schemes for their websites ranging from the sale of individual content (single purchase) to timebased flatrate schemes (time passes, subscriptions). With all of its product technology being developed inhouse, LaterPay devotes particular attention to privacy and security concerns.

The concept behind LaterPay:
LaterPay makes selling digital content and services easy by letting providers choose between different revenue schemes. By separating purchase from payment for small amounts, LaterPay sets the bar lower for entry with paid content and services. Users get immediate access with only two clicks without registration or pre-registration which lowers the barrier for impulse purchases. To that end, LaterPay sets up billing in a way that permits access across multiple sites and devices. Not until they've spent at least five euros are users prompted to register and make a payment using standard payment methods before their next purchase.

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