Benedikt Böckenförde

Founder and CEO
Visual Statements


Benedikt Böckenförde managed to fuse his life-long interest for design, inspiring content and digital media into a unique business model, when he founded VISUAL STATEMENTS in 2014 and is CEO of. The social media publisher runs offices in Freiburg and Berlin. Benedikt holds an M.A. in history, business studies and financial science and began his career working as a consultant for Hubert Burda Media, Gruner+Jahr and the Bauer Media Group, where he came to realize that building reach, telling great stories and nurturing an active community is a great base for a business. VISUAL STATEMENTS created a network of 12 social media brands that reach out to more than 30 Million people and sells over 250.000 products each month. The social media startup has a vast reach among Millennials in Germany.

About Visual Statements

VISUAL STATEMENTS was founded in 2014 by Benedikt Böckenförde and created till today a social media brand network that reaches over 30 Million people per month. VISUAL STATEMENTS not only inspires 50% of all Millennials around Germany but also creates trendy products out of the content, that sells several million products a year online and also in over 600 outlets. Apart from commerce native advertising is the second revenue pillow. Big international brands spread their campaigns over the brand network. Within 3 years VISUAL STATEMENT has grown to a social media publishing company that is on the way to expand to international markets. The company is lead by Benedikt Böckenförde and Kerstin Schiefelbein running offices in Freiburg and Berlin.

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