Where will you and your business be 6 months from now?

Why not join 600 of your colleagues from around the world as they get together in Berlin for the 11th FIPP and VDZ Digital Innovators’ Summit (DIS) to learn, consider and discuss current and future innovations impacting on media?

Our limited-period launch offer for DIS 2018 is now available, saving you a whopping €800 on final ticket rates.


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DIS 2018 takes place from 18-20 March in Berlin, Germany, with the main speaker programme on 19 and 20 March.

Here are the names of our first confirmed speakers

After every DIS we survey delegates to find out what they liked, what they thought we could do better, and what they thought we should do more, or less, of.

With several years’ of DIS feedback at our disposal, we started planning for DIS 2018 some two months ago, getting speaker proposals through August and are now in full swing with developing the agenda and experiential components.

Today, in addition to our launch offer, we can announce the names of our first three confirmed speakers. They are:

·         Hannah Ray, Head of visual storytelling and social strategy at Condê Nast International in the UK. An ex-Instagrammer, Hannah is a visual storyteller and community builder par excellence.

·         Helje Solberg, CEO and Editor of Schibsted’s VGTV in Norway. Among several milestones, Helje has the distinction that her digital video startup now generates more ad revenue that it’s 7-day printed newspaper parent.

·         Maureen Hoch, Acting Editor at Harvard Business Review’s HBR.org in Boston, the US. In her role at HBR, Maureen is deeply involved in developments with emerging technologies. Think HBR’s Slack and Messenger bots, for example.

We will share the names of more speakers soon. In the meantime, take the opportunity to book your place for DIS 2018 with our limited-period launch offer, saving €800 on final ticket rates.


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