VDZ in conversation with: LaterPay and 3Q partner with DIS 2019 for live streaming

Following a successful test at the VDZ Tech Summit, VDZ is now offering a video live stream in partnership with LaterPay and 3Q for the Digital Innovators' Summit (DIS) on 25 and 26 March and, of course, beyond. How do video streaming and digital innovation fit together?

Cosmin Ene, CEO LaterPay: The Digital Innovators' Summit has become one of the most important industry events internationally, so it makes sense to present this exciting content to an even wider audience. Providing a digital version of an event is almost expected these days. With various cameras and professional recording technology, VDZ offers the highest quality in video and audio, both for live streaming and for the individual videos of the lectures and debates.

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Examples like TED have proven that the content of such prestigious events is generally well received, especially over a long period after the actual event. TED talks are viewed by thousands of interested users all over the world. While participants of DIS will certainly experience the most intensive exchange of ideas among themselves and in dialogue with the presenting experts, users from all over the world can follow the debate, too. From afar, they can follow the inspiring thoughts of the speakers, either live as the DIS happens or afterwards at a more suitable time.

What is the potential of streaming for the user, what role can it play for the provider?

Julius Thomas, CEO 3Q: The live stream is of particular interest to users, who want to follow the topic in its entirety and really dive into the thoughts and arguments of the experts, but cannot be there in person. After the event the individual recordings can be viewed by users at a time best suited to them. Thus, each user can select and view those debates which are most relevant to him or her.

For the organisers, this is a great opportunity to increase reach and address many more people, both nationally and internationally. A broad presence and reach in Germany are particularly important for an association like VDZ in order to support its educational mission. Also, as relevant developments happen in the market, the VDZ can distribute the appropriate recordings again via its own communication channels, thereby extending the impact of the DIS throughout the year.

We know streaming and on-demand videos from our Smart TVs. How does it work online for the DIS?

Cosmin Ene: The DIS website plays a central role, as videos are directly integrated and available for viewing and purchase there. At www.innovators-summit.com interested parties can follow the live stream during the event, no matter where they are. Afterwards, the videos of the individual lectures and debates will be made available for viewing on the website on demand.

Julius Thomas: By the way, this works on any device. The videos can be viewed on the desktop browser as well as the smartphone or tablet. To extend the use of individual videos, the VDZ can present and promote them in newsletters, on social media and other channels, reminding people to watch them again.

Let’s look into the future: Congress videos are an important step for VDZ. What other possibilities do media houses have in the video sector? 

Julius Thomas: Videos allow users to experience content more vividly than just text. Therefore, both general topics, such as news and providing context to current events, and special topics like health or lifestyle are often preferred by viewers in video form. Many media houses have understood that videos complement text and image content and now produce their own moving image content. Basic video production technology is included in every smartphone these days and more professional gear can be purchased for a few hundred euros. The videos need to be converted into different formats, so that they are broadcast in the best possible quality on mobile devices, desktop PCs or even smart TVs. This conversion can easily be handled by service providers such as 3Q and media houses don't have to worry about that. Today it has become much easier to make videos available online in a simple and quick way, compared to even five years ago.

Cosmin Ene: Monetisation of content has also become extremely easy to implement for content providers. They can offer users a range of payment options through partners like LaterPay. Buying single articles and videos but also voluntary payments, so-called contributions, are becoming increasingly popular with users. Few people want to subscribe to an entire channel, if they only want to watch one video or read one article.

By the way, the topic of ad free experiences is also gaining momentum in this context. For example, users are often prepared to pay 25 cents for a short video, which they can then watch without being interrupted by advertising. Especially if they can watch the video immediately and pay for it later without having to struggle through a registration process first.

You are a regular visitor to DIS - what are your highlights on this year’s agenda, which talks would you recommend to online viewers?

Cosmin Ene: In fact, this is already my fifth DIS. I have enjoyed the inspiring topics every time, also the dialogue with experts from the industry and other participants. This year I am particularly looking forward to the presentations by Scott Havens from Bloomberg, Nick Rockwell from The New York Times, Robin Fields from ProPublica and Tuuli Toivainen from A-lehdet Oy, Finland.


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***Take advantage of our offer for DIS 2019, taking place on 25 to 26 March in Berlin. By signing up for DIS 2019 by March 12th you will save €200 on final delegate rates. Sign up here***