Media innovations you will hear about at DIS 2020

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If you need to know about the way the media is evolving the Digital Innovators Summit is the place to be. Over the years presenters at the conference have outlined key trends, many of which have had a highly significant impact on the way that media companies have developed.

DIS 2020 will be no different as the conference boasts an comprehensive list of speakers who will focus on how they are innovating in their particular area of the media.

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You will discover...

How to build a multi-million dollar digital media business from the ground up - Refinery 29 was founded in the middle of the indie publishing boom of the last decade delivering words, video and social content that targeted young women. While many of its rival startups fell by the wayside Refinery 29 went on to become a significant global media player eventually being acquired in late 2019 by Vice Media with a valuation of $4 billion. At DIS 2020 the company’s founder Philippe von Borries will outline that journey and explain why the company was able to succeed while others floundered.

Why innovation in human capital should be a priority for media companies in 2020 - Over the years John Wilpers, publisher of the influential, annual Innovation in Magazine Media report, has predicted all kinds of disruptions to the media world from programmatic advertising through to membership scheme and data management advances. At DIS2020 he will talk about why human capital is the key innovation for this year. Without recruiting and holding on to key staff media business will find themes poorly equipped to deal with new challenges

How to innovate in China -  The Chinese media market represents a huge opportunity for western publishers, yet it is one that is highly nuanced and difficult to navigate. At DIS 2020 Chinese media expert Doris Ke will guide delegates through the countrty’s media ecosystem and profile the wave of social media influencers who are having an enormous impact on both publishing and ecommerce in the region.

How innovation in relational media is causing publishers to have a rethink - For most media companies their future depends on building long-lasting relationships with the audience they serve. At DIS 2020 Scott Lamb, VP Publisher Growth and Strategy at Medium will be highlighting how the blogging platform has become a highly regarded paid for content provider and stresses the growing importance of relational media such as newsletters and podcasts.

Why innovation in data journalism is so important  - One of the key skills that twenty first century journalists must have is an ability to collect and analyse data. At DIS 2020, Alma Latour, Publisher for Barron’s Group and EVP at Dow Jones, will explain the changing nature of data journalism. Delivering facts won’t be enough - delivering guidance will become more important. More and more people will crave smart tools, data and reporting to help them build wealth or support their families.

Why innovating in User Generated Content can be complex - UGC has become an important part of the media world in recent years, but as Hazel Baker, Global Head of UGC Newsgathering at Reuters will point out at DIS 2020 companies need to keep up to speed with the new technologies that are changing the way it is created. There will be opportunities created by 5G and blockchain, yet Hazel will also talk about the challenges, such as the difficulties in identifying deep fakes.

Why innovation in podcasts is now revenue focused -  Many media companies now boast their own series of podcasts, however as Declan Moore, Head of International at leading podcast studio, Wondery will argue at DIS 2020, “Literally anybody can create a podcast. But few can make a good one; even fewer can tell a compelling story over multiple episodes; and only a select few can tell a compelling story that moves/touches people.” Declan will also talk about the way that podcast creators are looking to expand beyond their traditional revenues sources to embrace membership models and revenue sharing schemes on paid platforms.

***Our standard rate offer, saving €200 per ticket, ends Monday 2 March. Sign up now***