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1plusX is a data management- and predictive marketing platform that uses a holistic and innovative approach to create anonymised user- and object profiles. By connecting information from all channels and touchpoints, the 1plusX software detects behavioural patterns and turns them into predictions in real time. These predictions can help publishers, broadcasters and marketers to optimize which content or advertisements are displayed. When doing that, clients retain full ownership of their data at any time since it is only used for the purposes of that very company and the data is not shared with third parties. The quality of 1plusX data profiles is periodically tested through independent audits. 1plusX was founded by CEO Jürgen Galler, Prof. Dr. Thomas Hofmann (ETH Zurich) and Joachim Schoss (Founder of Scout24) two years ago. At their swiss office the company is concentrating expertise from all kinds of professional fields and advises digital agencies, media and telecommunications companies. 1plusX currently employs 20 people.

Please visit www.1plusx.com for more information.

Founded in April 2016, the AdTech Factory has reinvented ad management. Why? Because processing print, online and mobile ads is becoming increasingly complex and technologically challenging, and therefore more cost intensive – while display advertising revenues are not growing. AdTech Factory offers a new, highly innovative technology stack for an integrated, cloud-based CRM and booking architecture for all media genres and sales channels. The ad management services offered with this unique platform are flexible, independent of individual publishers and marketers, and compatible with existing publishing systems. Sharing resources in this area reduces costs and provides publishers access to the latest, leading-edge technologies.

Ready to fulfil your requirements and get set for the future: our premium partners Salesforce, BrightGen and Jitterbit provide the IT power, while AdTech Factory provides the industry expertise. Welcome to the future of ad management.


AdvantageCS--the leader in world-class subscription management, marketing, sales, membership management, eCommerce, and customer relationship software---has been developing solutions for the information industry since 1979.

Highlights include:

  • digital and print subscriptions
  • fully integrated eCommerce platform
  • membership management
  • ebook (and print book) sales
  • packages / bundles
  • product orders
  • content access and entitlements
  • conference & event management
  • continuity programs
  • multi-product, multi-currency
  • donations

The Flexibility to Go Anywhere

What sets Advantage apart is the extreme flexibility it offers. Coupled with comprehensive capabilities, exceptional business intelligence tools, and a powerful integration framework, you can configure the system to operate your business exactly as you choose. If you need subscription management software that adapts to your requirements without forcing you to choose between options a, b, or c, then Advantage is for you.

Go Anywhere with the E-commerce Platform Made Just For Subscription Marketers

Cider is Advantage's eCommerce platform offering fully integrated shopping cart and self-service capabilities. It includes the marketing tools you need to push your ideas to market, such as the ability to quickly create landing pages, special promotions, packages, and choices. Cider employs a very flexible theme design allowing you to customize the look-and-feel of the site quickly. Sharing the same business logic engine as Advantage gives your online presence access to thousands of Advantage features. Plus, it supports 3rd party plugins, with Google Analytics already integrated. It's designed with key architectural considerations: security, scalability, and extensibility---you can be sure that Cider is ready to handle your demanding online needs.

Advantage Clients Include:

  • Agora Publishing
  • Bauer Media - Australia
  • Bayard Presse
  • Hearst Business Media
  • Ogden Publications
  • Oxford University Press
  • Penton Media
  • Thomson Reuters
  • Aller Media
  • A-lehdet
  • Ouest France

Our active Advantage Users Group helps to set the direction of our more than 60,000 hours of development each year. Come see why world-class publishers use Advantage.


Agfa Graphics is a global supplier of integrated prepress solutions for the printing and media industries. These solutions include consumables, hardware, software, and services for the production workflow as well as project and color management.

The future of journalism lies in good content. But how can journalists free up the time for this when dealing with exponentially growing information flows yet shrinking temporal resources?

Discover the strengths, opportunities, challenges and future plans in mobile publishing at our "Work & Chill" Stand No. 9 at the Digital Innovators' Summit 2017 under the header "EVERSIFY – because magazines and newspapers need time". We'll provide you with practical, real-life case studies of the successful implementation of our mobile publishing solution Eversify at both large daily newspapers as well as regional publishers and agencies.

Experience teaches us that most journalists' biggest frustration is a particular lack of time. The constant flow of information input from agencies and various sources means that the amount of information to be processed (texts, pictures, videos, statistics and quotations) is steadily and exponentially increasing, causing less and less time to be made available for the core responsibilities and tasks of the journalists - researching, evaluating, writing and editing texts. This is not only a result of decreasing staff numbers in editorial offices and rising economic constraints following declining sales. It also results from the demanding modern journalistic world pressuring editors to spend more and more time on technical and editorial tasks that go far beyond their own role. By doing so, they are expected to master a broad technological understanding, which by far extends the training they have received in their education. But good content takes time!

Eversify, a cloud-based publishing service from Agfa Graphics for mobile and stationary platforms, is designed to give journalism what it needs for success: time for content! The SaaS solution is characterized by the highest automation, maximum flexibility and high user-friendliness, thereby enabling mobile publishing with the utmost efficiency. We are familiar with the complexity of workflows and understand how to generate enriched e-paper or HTML5 based app and web solutions from these data. That is why we have equipped Eversify with unlimited flexibility. This means high compatibility with all data sources and CMS systems based on XML structures. The connection of ad servers or linking to your social media activities are also important core functions of Eversify.

With Eversify, you can automatically transfer data from your layout and editorial systems and publish it - without compromises - on any available tablet, smartphone or web browser as a newspaper or magazine based on HTML5. Daily, hourly, depending on how current you want to offer your product in the market.

Each customer receives user analyses in real-time - with just one click, enabling any user to continuously optimize his offer. This automation and the offered diversification frees up time for real journalism. Editorial offices are finally able to produce high-quality content and publish it electronically via the digital distribution channels – faster and with fewer resources. Come see for yourself at booth 9 - we look forward to meeting you!

Read more: www.eversify.com

Amstelnet's Adaptive Morphing: Changing the rules of engagement

Website design has become a major driver of profit. Websites that match the preferences and information needs of visitors are efficient; those that do not, forego potential profit and may be driven from the market.  Amstelnet's Adaptive Morphing Suite allows a marketer to compile a segment based on specific criteria and attach a unique morphing configuration to each visitor segment. Each rule has an exclusive morph (group) associated with it. By observing visitors' (historical) clickstreams, each by the visitor initiated event becomes a decision point that reveals more about the visitor's present state of mind. These events trigger your website to continuously morph, changing its functionality, content and aesthetics.

Adaptive website morphing is a prime example of targeting optimal marketing communications to diverse customer segments even if product features and brand identity are identical in all market segments. Morphing allows for those criteria to be highlighted that are most relevant for each particular segment. A website might morph by changing the content or banners displayed, by reducing a menubar to just a few options or - the exact opposite - by expanding it. Morphing also allows for functional characteristics to be added or deleted, such as links, tools and dialogue boxes and thus serve the content that best improve brand image, intention to purchase or, said in a more general way, that support the overall objective of the website.

"There are plenty of paywall solutions. But when publishers are big and ambitious, they usually go for CeleraOne"

At CeleraOne we support publishers with paid content, identity management (SSO) and user segmentation strategies.

We have implemented more than 30 projects for leading publishers including Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Zeit Online, Tamedia, De Persgroep and contributed to solutions like at Axel Springer.

Our team brings together experts in Software Engineering, Big Data, Machine Learning, E-commerce and Publishing.

Can we tell you more about our solutions? Go to www.celeraone.com or send an email to request[at]celeraone.com

Content Insights called "One of the most important new innovations in the editorial arena," by John Wilpers, the Senior Director of Innovation Media Consulting and author of the "Innovation in Magazine Media 2017-2018 World Report," is an editorial analytics suite created by editors, for editors. We invented our key indicator, CPI, to immediately help support editorial decisions rather than present another set of graphs, charts and numbers that are hard to read and harder to interpret. We track a huge amount of data to reveal true content engagement and real attention time. We examine long-tail and evergreen content performance so editors can get the most out of that data in the shortest amount of time. We go to the cutting edge of big data science so that editors don't have to.


Cxense enables the world's leading media, e-commerce and consumer brands to take control of their audience data to deliver more engaging and personalized user experiences. Businesses using Cxense's advanced real-time analytics, data management (DMP), advertising, search and personalization technology gain more engaged users, increased digital revenue and higher sales conversions. Cxense is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, with offices worldwide.

Customers include Naspers, NFL, NBA, AEON, Lawson, Condé Nast, Dow Jones/Wall Street Journal and many more.


Digital Collections (DC) is an internationally operating technology company based in Hamburg, Germany. DC software is being deployed by more than 180 companies all over the world. We offer a fitting solution for all industries: Media & Publishing (Ringier AG, Russmedia, Bauer Media Group), Corporate Communications (Heinemann Duty Free, Munich Re) as well as Public authorities (German federal government, Universities).

Digital Asset Management systems – especially our latest product generation DC-X – and Semantic technologies are DC's core competence. The combination of both constitutes our strong unique selling position. We believe that a Best of Breed strategy is the only way to keep in pace with today's volatile and disruptive market.

A tight integration with various production environments for web, tablet, social media and print publishing allows not only to manage and share assets but also to build a foundation for future business models. Our systems have open APIs and deliver standard formats for today's and tomorrow's multilayered workflows.


EidosMedia is an international group headquartered in Milan, Italy. The offices are located in Europe, the USA, Asia and South America.

EidosMedia was founded in 1999 with the aim of developing a new generation of an editorial system and a publishing platform that enables organizations to expand their operations from print publications to digital publishing in all possible channels.

The solution developed, the Méthode platform, is now used by more than 60 publishing organizations, publishing their content over 5 continents with over 500 newspaper titles and 200 websites each day. In many markets, this is the leading cross-media publishing solution.

Méthode is also used by leading investment banks and asset management firms to publish financial analyzes and reports.

In the sales region D / A / CH, EidosMedia has been a leading provider of multimedia content management and mobile content since its foundation. The early-stage multimedia platform is just as important as a very well organized international sales and support team.

In the last two years the responsive Webclient "Swing" was introduced for the EidosMedia editorial system "Méthode". In addition, the system can also be used via a fat client ("Prime") for Windows and an app client ("Memo") for smartphone as well as Swing app for tablets.

EidosMedia is largely based on proprietary developments, with only the Web Analytics area being represented via third-party system integration. The company offers its own content and layout editors and page planning, which enables the creation of various forms of publication - from newspaper to magazine. A drag-and-drop workflow editor is also available.

Furthermore, EidosMedia offers a comprehensive social media integration (publication via different channels, content integration, trend visualization of social media) as well as A / B testing. In the future there will also be a multivariate testing. In addition, on-premise can be delivered via a private or public cloud (Amazon AWS).

In the past few years, EidosMedia has been able to reach the world's most prestigious media houses, including the Washington Post, the leading US economic newspaper Wall Street Journal, Le Figaro, Financial Times as well as China Daily. 250 employees are based in the company and software development is considered to be trend-setting in the industry. The support team also handles with their strong expertise very large projects professionally. At the end of the year 2015, a majority stake in the company was concluded with the financial investor HgCapital.


InterRed: Future Publishing Solutions

InterRed offers future-proof print, web, tablet and mobile solutions for publishers, corporate publishing and content marketing. InterRed is one of the leading providers of content management systems (CMS), editorial systems, multi-channel publishing, knowledge management, personalized websites, web analytics and offers print-, web- and mobile-solutions for newspapers, magazines and periodicals, corporate publishing and catalogs.

InterRed's line of products consisting of the editorial system InterRed Print, the web content management system InterRed Online, the app-solution InterRed AppPublishing and the modules InterRed ContentAgents (knowledge-management solution) in addition to InterRed LiveReporting (web-analytics software) has something in store for every line of business and every use case.


Publishers need relevant traffic to monetize their great content. With the kontextR software premium websites easily generate additional traffic and revenues for their own native-ads, advertorials, video or paid online subscriptions.

The Munich startup is a growing software vendor and addresses the special needs of named online and mobile publisher. Technologically it is an Ad- and Content-Service for inText-Links and completely customizable inText-Widgets.
Publishers by themselves create their own Link- and Widget-campaigns for Advertising or Content-Distribution fast and simple. These contents then are automatically embedded contextually into the text articles. So no user data is needed and the campaigns best fit to the context of the publisher's editorial articles.

kontextR is no Ad-Network. Paying customers for the SaaS are premium publisher and not advertisers. Consequently the publisher holds data sovereignty and data is not sold uncontrolled to 3rd parties.

Meet us at our booth at the Digital Innovators' Summit 2017. Contact us via email kontakt[at]kontextr.com or under 089-2351-4716. We are looking forward to seeing you.


Use Now, Pay Later: LaterPay is a one-click system that enables impulse purchasing across websites and content types. The company is driven by the idea that consumers are willing to pay for valuable content in the internet as long as it is convenient and easy. One click. No advance registration. No advance payment. A disruptive approach to paid content, that allows users to aggregate content like on a digital beer coaster. LaterPay offers user-centered business models that empower content providers to adapt directly to the behavior of consumers by choosing from a variety of revenue generating models ranging from Pay per Use to Time Passes and Microsubscriptions.


At Madgex, we create intuitive technology that helps you build stronger, more valuable relationships with professional audiences.

Our job board and course board software is used by many of the world's most successful media brands and provides the full range of tools needed to increase the profitability of your digital revenues.

Fully flexible and highly configurable, our technology enables the perfect representation of your brand and a tailored approach to your markets and activities.

With market-leading SaaS technology and a flexible level of service, we bring you the right products and support to suit both you and your business' needs. Building evermore valuable relationships that help you and your audience grow, together.

As a market leader for software solutions in publishing, ppi Media has accompanied the changes in the media industry for 30 years. What's more, its workflow solutions are a digital revolution. Driven by the motivation to publish in all media both now and in the future, ppi Media offers publishers innovative information solutions which always focus on content and its specific target groups: from creating, editing, saving, delivery to retrieving.

More than 100 media companies and publishing houses worldwide are using ppi Media's products. These solutions include the cross-channel editorial system Content-X, various newspaper planning solutions that are tailored to individual needs, as well as tools for digital ad management. Numerous publishers were able to increase their online revenue and optimize their use of valuable resources in their daily workflows with ppi Media's digital publishing solutions.

PressReader is an all-you-can-read digital media platform that reaches more than 300 million readers who use PressReader to read, share and talk about news. Full issues of 5,000+ global newspapers and magazines can be read online or downloaded to iOS, Android, Windows and BlackBerry devices through the app.

PressReader HotSpots offer sponsored access to PressReader at thousands of libraries, hotels, corporate offices, airport lounges, airlines, cruise lines and cafés worldwide.

If you're looking to grow global reach and revenues for your digital content, let's talk!


SAP Exchange Media is the next generation end-to-end digital advertising platform based on SAP HANA in-memory technology, connecting advertisers, publishers and digital agencies directly.

SAP XM is the next level private premium media exchange for SAP customers, created to unlock the full potential of real-time digital advertising to maximize return on media. Top advertising spenders and premium publishers with high quality inventory will both benefit from a joint thought leadership approach driving business in the age of digital media transformation.

SAP's continuous approach is to jointly plan and improve the most successful business technologies and platforms, and some of our most innovative customers are already part of the SAP XM Early Adopter Program. These highly engaged and trusted SAP customers are often innovative leaders in their respective fields of business.

Headquartered in Berlin, with offices in London, New York and San Mateo, Searchmetrics offers the world's #1 SEO and content performance platform to help companies improve their positioning in search engine results and growth their digital presence. The Searchmetrics SEO Suite and new Content Experience create an unrivaled platform for businesses who want to build, maintain and grow their online presence through solid SEO practices and outstanding content development.http://www.searchmetrics.com/


Syno International, IT and data company. Specializing in the collection, processing and reporting of data supporting business decision making. Offices in Europe and Asia.


Taboola is the world's leading content discovery platform, serving 360B recommendations to over 1B unique visitors each month on the web's most innovative publisher sites, including NBC, Die Welt, Sport1, MailOnline and Bloomberg.


Vindicia, an Amdocs company, brings enterprise-class innovation to consumer-facing subscription billing to help companies acquire and retain more customers by making recurring payments seamless, secure and easy. Vindicia keeps consumers connected to the subscriptions they love, and businesses connected to the recurring revenue they need. Vindicia has processed more than $21 billion globally and generates over $90 million in annual incremental revenue for clients. Vindicia clients include BBC, Lionsgate, Comic-Con International, TransUnion Interactive, Allrecipes, IAC, Vimeo, and Next Issue Media's Texture service.

For further sponsoring details please contact:

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Lutz Drüge

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