24-26 March 2019, Berlin

with the main Summit 25-26 March


Pernille Aalund
Innovations Director
Aller Media A/S


Pernille Aalund is Director of Innovation at Aller Media. Before this, she was Director of Magazine Publishing at the same company. Pernille has 25 years of experience in media, and she has developed several original formats for TV, radio, magazines, web and e-commerce.


Pernille Aalund and Jan Krog Henningsen will give a talk on their work at Aller Media Innovation, where their division is heading an ambitious project to secure Aller Media’s revenues in the future: “Find 250 ideas a year over the next three years. Develop at least 30 of them – and reject the ones that don’t work.” Both Pernille Aalund and Jan Krog Henningsen have many years’ experience as entrepreneurs, combined with various involvement in a wide range of media businesses. Today, they head the innovation division at Aller Media A/S.


Pernille’s focus for the talk is on how to ensure innovation a position at the top of the corporate agenda, how to process an intake of 250 ideas every year – and what you can learn from the projects that fail.

About Aller Media

Aller Media was founded in 1873 by Carl & Laura Aller and is the leading publisher of weeklies and magazines in the Nordic region with a weekly circulation of 3.2 million copies. In Denmark, Aller Media has a market share on weeklies at 73 % and 20 % on magazines. More than 2 million out of 5 million Danes read an Aller publication every week, and more than 1 million unique users visit our websites every month. Aller Media is a Top-10 digital publisher in Denmark.


Aller Media Innovation has developed and launched several global online products, for example the on-line world about royalty, Royalista.com, the enriched tablet magazine ‘The Nordic Courier’ and the mobile game Wordbase.


Since 2013, Aller Media has made acquisitions in the travel industry and is the majority shareholder in 2 travel agencies, ‘Nyhavn Rejser’ and ‘Kulturrejser Europa’. Aller Media also owns the Datagraf Group, which includes DG Media and Datagraf Communications, which specializes in client publishing and editorial consultancy.

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