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Miina Lange
Publishing Director


Miina Lange, publishing director for lifestyle publishing in digital and magazines at Iltalehti, Finlands second largest newspaper has worked her whole career in both news and magazine editing and concept developing.


Previously Lange worked for five years as editor in chief at Cosmopolitan Finland where she also was responsible for extending the brand digitally. During 2012 she decided to try a concept developed by Swedish company JOSH with the goal to find new revenue streams for online magazines. The concept was a success and could show that with changes in the organisation, workflow and with the correct tools - magazines could sell engagement and creativity rather than mindless clicks and page views.


The concept - that keeps growing in popularity - was awarded as the Digital Innovation of the Year by Hearst International at Cosmopolitan international conference in competition with 58 other countries

About Iltalehti

Iltalehti is the third largest newspaper in Finland. The vision of Iltalehti is to be the most wanted tabloid in the country. Iltalehti was founded in 1980. In 1995, Iltalehti.fi opened on the Internet and has been one of the most popular Internet sites in Finland ever since.

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