24-26 March 2019, Berlin

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DIS 2018 agenda - Day 1

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Audience call and welcome

James Hewes, FIPP, and Alexander von Reibnitz, VDZ

Channel moderator: Mike Hewitt, MD, Adaugeo Media, UK


Opening Keynotes


The Amazonification of media

Technology is disrupting nearly every part of the economy as the internet continues to fundamentally impact how we communicate, purchase products, and work to create long-term value. While the media industry is changing at a breakneck pace, so too are the retail, manufacturing, travel, transportation and healthcare industries, to name a few. The process of change in media is exhilarating, but also hugely challenging, as media companies look to develop and capitalize on new revenue opportunities while managing cost on maturing businesses. And just when we think we are getting close, we discover new hurdles – in video, data and distribution. This requires incredible nimbleness, creativity and execution across all our businesses and markets. Join Troy Young as he considers the challenges and opportunities in the continuously, rapidly changing digital media landscape.

Troy Young, Global President, Hearst Digital Media, USA


Transforming Hong Kong's newspaper of record to build a digital powerhouse – South China Morning Post

How does a technologist from Digg, Spotify, Google and AOL go about transforming a 114-year-old legacy media company, the Alibaba-owned South China Morning Post, into a digital-first business with stated ambitions to expand to the US market? Gary Liu is here to tell us more.

Gary Liu, CEO, South China Morning Post, Hong Kong


Top media innovation trends from around the world

Join us as Juan Señor launches this year's edition of the Innovation in Media World Report, highlighting some of the top innovations and future trends publishers are paying attention to.

Juan Señor, Partner, Innovation Media Consulting, UK


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Audience engagement / Exploring new opportunities

Atrium Stage

Mitte Stage


Set your content free – a Q&A on the future of storytelling
Mark van de Kamp, CEO, Escenic

If only I knew this before – Insights from a Media & Salesforce Executive
Stan Sugarman, Global Senior Vice-President, Salesforce


Using emerging media formats to
super-charge audience engagement

Maureen Hoch explains how Harvard Business Review uses emerging media formats to excite and engage audiences, build loyalty and ultimately monetise. In this talk she'll touch on bots, voice, AI and more.

Maureen Hoch, Editor, HBR.org
at Harvard Business Review, USA



From magazine publisher
to data business

Aller Media Finland has been a traditional publisher
of magazines in Finland since 1992. Now, within three
years, Aller Media has become the leading company
in Finland harvesting consumer data as an income asset. Hear Pauli Aalto-Setälä explain how they disrupted themselves and managed to place data at the heart of their business' growth by utilising existing assets and abandoning traditional ways of thinking.

Pauli Aalto-Setälä, CEO,
Aller Media Oy, Finland


Differentiation in an age of
'efficient journalism'

When faced with numerous competitors
(some with deep pockets), niche audiences, and a business focused on scale and efficiency, how do you build great brands focused on insightful journalism? How do you retain great reporter talent?  How do you build loyal communities when competitor audiences seem just fine with churned-out briefs?  You defy the odds and go in the opposite direction of scale and snippet. This session will focus on the journey and outcomes, from giving the most junior reporters a platform, providing a simple but great user experience, and delivering innovation that gets rave reviews from readers.

Molly Miller, Chief Content
Officer, ALM Media, USA



How traditional media know-how
become a profitable social media
publishing business built on e-
commerce and native ads

Using deep understanding of quality storytelling built up through years in magazine media, combined with tools and data available via social platforms VISUAL STATEMENTS is Germany’s biggest social publisher reaching 50 per cent of all German millennials and an audience of 30 million per month. What’s more, with a business model including e-commerce, retail and native advertising, the company has more than a million happy customers and is profitable. Hear about their model, which is highly transportable to other markets.

Ben Böckenförde, Founder, Visual Statements
Kerstin Schiefelbein, CEO, Germany


Facebook and publishers: business
models for a digital future?

Jesper Doub, Managing Director: Spiegel
Online and Publishing Director: Spiegel Verlag;

Guido Bülow, Strategic Partner Manager,
Facebook, Germany


AI and the future of work              

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been seen as
the one of the biggest disruptive forces in
the workplace since the industrial revolution.
In this Springwise session, you'll be inspired
by some of the latest applications of AI across
different industries and we’ll reflect on how
companies and employees can prepare for
the workforce of tomorrow.

Linda Ligios, Managing Editor,
Springwise Intelligence, UK


5-minute Interval


Revenue strategies / AI and media innovation

Atrium Stage

Mitte Stage


Tons of content: Who can read it all?
Jens Gützkow, co-founder and CEO, Pressmatrix

Don’t manage performance marketing by yourself
Sabrina Spielberger, CEO, Digidip


Panel discussion

The pivot to reader revenues

As digital advertising comes under pressure,
there is renewed drive towards generating
reader revenues. In this discussion, our experts
talk specifically about subscription model
development as part of the pivot to reader revenues.

Stefan Betzold, MD Digital, BILD Group,
Greg Piechota, Google Digital News
Senior Visiting Research Fellow, Reuters
Institute for the Study of Journalism,
University of Oxford, UK, and Research
Associate at Harvard Business School, USA;
Abi Spooner, Chief Customer Officer,
Dennis, UK

Panel discussion

Let's talk machine learning, chatbots,
automated journalism, localisation
and intention management


Johann Åhlund, Natural Language Interaction
Entrepreneur and Domain Expert, Spain;
Margaret Ann Dowling, Founder, Create and Translate.org; Ambassador & Founder,
Singularity University Warsaw Chapter, Poland;
Dr. Markus Peschl, Professor: Cultures and
Technologies of Knowledge, Vienna Univ., Austria 










Networking lunch break


Exploring new business / Tech adoption in the newsroom

Atrium Stage

Mitte Stage


A new kind of media for a
new generation

Cheddar Inc. broadcasts live from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, covering companies driving change in media, technology and entertainment. Aimed at business-savvy millennials, Cheddar tells the stories of change through the lens of business leaders making the change. With its main source of revenues distribution deals from the likes of Amazon Prime, Apple TV and Roku, Cheddar is a new kind of media business for a new generation.

Melissa Rosenthal, Executive
Vice President, Cheddar Inc., USA

Balancing editorial instinct with technological innovation: a conversation with IMG’s Juan Senor on the evolving role of analytics in the modern newsroom

Juan Señor, Senior Partner, IMC, UK interviewed by Em Kuntze, In-house Content Manager, Content Insights, UK




Lessons from Schibsted's
money-making video machine

Legacy media’s search for tomorrow’s audiences: To maintain its position as a leading media house and Norway’s largest news site VG (part of Schibsted) made a significant step-up into online video. It is paying off handsomely in new revenues…

Helje Solberg, CEO and Editor,
VGTV-Schibsted, Norway





What newsrooms can learn from
fact-checkers about innovation and

Why do newsrooms fail to embrace new technologies that enhance productivity and audience engagement -- often at little or no cost? Former Washington Post and NPR news exec Mark Stencel shares what can be done, including lessons from recent journalism collaborations responding to political disinformation.

Mark Stencel, Co-Director, The Reporter's
Lab, Duke University, USA


5-minute Interval


Blockchain/ Revenue strategies


Blockchain and the future
of media

Ingo Rübe, CEO, BOTlabs, Germany






How Insider Inc. helps readers and
generates revenues through commerce

In 2014, Insider Inc. joined a small but growing
group of publishers creating shopping content.
The goal was to generate revenue while adding
value for readers. As online shopping proliferates,
publishers have an opportunity to not only help
their audience shop smarter, but also generate
revenue while producing great stories. Today it is
a significant part of Insider Inc.'s business.
Mastermind Breton Fischetti is here to tell you more.

Breton Fischetti, Senior Director of
Commerce, Business Insider, USA


Civil is about to launch a
decentralized marketplace
for sustainable journalism
using blockchain technology

But what does it all mean? Find out how they plan to transform the relationship between journalists and readers and what blockchain means to fostering better civic discourse and unlocking viable, ad-free business model

Daniel Sieberg, Co-Founder and
Head of Journalism Operations,
The Civil Media Company, USA



How, after quitting their jobs,
50 journalists built a new and
profitable news business

Daily newspaper Dennik K was established in
Slovakia in 2015 and is already profitable. While
it has a print edition, 80 per cent of revenues
come from online subscriptions, with readers paying mostly for high-quality investigative pieces, interviews and in-depth reports. Now the staff of “N” is creating open source software to help other publishers achieve similar success. Hear more...

Tomas Bella, Executive Board Member
and Head of Online Activities, Dennik N,


Networking coffee break


Media innovation / Brand transformation and development


Consequences and technology development of AI
Dieter Reichert, CEO, censhare


See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil’
Koos Hussem, CEO and President, X-Cago


Speed and innovation: Using
technology to drive growth
at The Washington Post

Matthew Monahan, Head of
Sales & Product, Arc Publishing,
Washington Post, USA

Building ALT.dk

How Egmont built on top of its strength
in an existing segment to create ALT,
now Denmark’s favourite online
destination for women.

Sara Wilkins, Digital editor:
ALT, Egmont Publishing, Denmark


Saving Libelle

How innovation saved the oldest, and largest,
women's weekly in The Netherland

      Hilmar Mulder, Editor in Chief, Libelle,
      The Netherlands

How Olive feeds foodies' desires
across multiple platforms

Laura Rowe, Editor, Olive magazine
at Immediate Media, UK



How The New York Times develops and
grows its customer base

Ben Cotton describes how The Times has grown to more than 3 million subscribers over the last two years, and how it plans to accelerate into the future.

Ben Cotton, Executive Director Retention and
Customer Experience, The New York Times, USA


Brands as media owners

How Thomas Cook leverages audience across an
omni-channel network toincrease engagement, deliver for partners and build new revenue streams.

Stuart Adamson, Director, Media &
Partnerships Group, Thomas Cook Media
and Partnerships, UK


Privacy, the EU and the future of

The session will focus on the economic
and qualitative implications of EU
ePrivacy regulation. Mainly we will refer
on the question of which substantial
changes for publishers are to be feared
in consequence of the new regulation
and which future strategies there are
for digital publishers in an ePrivacy-regulated world.

Oliver von Wersch, Founder and CEO, vonwerschpartner Digital Strategies, Germany






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