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Mike Hewitt, Managing Director, Adaugeo Media


Unlocking Audience Value

EMAP, the UK-based B2B media business, has a tenacious, inventive streak, which has served it well since it was founded in 1947 as a newspaper group. Facing the same challenges as its industry counterparts in recent years, the group has innovated from a declining ad-reliant print business to become a growing multi-channel subscriptions business. CEO Natasha Christie-Miller sheds light on the transformation, as well as thoughts on how content-centric businesses can continue to unlock value in an uncertain world.


Natasha Christie-Miller, CEO, EMAP (UK)


Evolve, Change and Transform – from Print Publishing to E-commerce

F+W has gone through an amazing transformation from a print-focused niche publisher to a digital-first content and e-Commerce company, with exclusive digital and physical product offerings. Chairman and CEO David Nussbaum speaks about this transformation and their new business models, and he shares his learnings and experiences with the audience.


David Nussbaum, Chairman and CEO, F+W (USA)


Solution Provider 100 Second Pitches

Solution providers tell you in 100 seconds what they can do to help your business. Featuring:

Aria Systems - Ric Vicari, VP EMEA Sales

Censhare - Dieter Reichert, CEO


Big Data Beyond the Hype - What It Really Means and How You Can Use It

As one of the premier experts on Social Media Analytics and Big Data, Lutz Finger demystifies the hype around “Big Data”. He demonstrates how it can be used, what it really means and how you can extract some real and tangible value from big data for your media business.


Lutz Finger, Director Data Science and Data Engineering, LinkedIn and Author of “Ask Measure Learn” (USA)


DIS Refresh: Networking Break

Come into the Lichthof to grab coffee, tea, drinks and a snack as well as to network. The Expo will be open so take some time to see what the solution providers are offering. The DIS, in conjunction with c't Magazine and Heise Online, will have an area in the Expo where you can try out some of the latest wearable technologies including virtual reality (VR). This is also a chance to pay a visit to Google House.


Moment to Moment Publishing

Media consumption in the mobile world happens at high frequency and if you’re not in a position to participate, your brand is at a major disadvantage. Noticing this emerging trend, Adobe completely re-imagined what a mobile publishing solution should be. This session will be the first live unveiling of the new solution. You will get to see firsthand examples of how a native viewing experience, continuous content updates and the enterprise tools required to manage apps across a large organization will drive deep and lasting reader engagement to your audiences. Get ready to challenge periodical convention.


Mitch Green, Director of Product Management, Digital Publishing, Adobe

Break Out (Mitte Stage)

Want to Build a Data Team? Here is Where to Start

In this small breakout session, big data expert Lutz Finger shares his advice on how to put together an effective data team for your organization.


Lutz Finger, Director Data Science and Data Engineering, LinkedIn (USA)


Solution Provider 100 Second Pitches

Solution providers tell you in 100 seconds what they can do to help your business. Featuring:

PayPal - Frank Keller, Director Large Enterprise & Marketplace Business

Cint - Walter Schrotta, Senior Media Consultant

Codest - Marika Mstowska, Head of Business Development


Celebrate the Best Innovations Worldwide with the Launch of the Innovation 2015 World Report

What were the most successful magazine media innovations of 2014? Which magazines discovered new ways of raising revenue, building sales, mastering mobile, producing high-CPM video inventory, creating compelling new content, leveraging social media, launching money-making events, etc., and how did they do it? Juan Señor and John Wilpers are back with the launch of FIPP’s "Innovation in Magazine Media 2015 World Report" and will take you on an inspiring journey of the best examples of recent innovations in magazine media.


Juan Señor, Partner (UK) and John Wilpers, Senior Director (USA), Innovation Media Consulting Group


Innovating and Composing Your World

In this session, Kai Kight shares his talents and journey to inspire us to innovate and reach our potential.


Kai Kight, Violinist, Composer, Speaker (USA)


DIS Recharge: Lunch and Expo

Enjoy complimentary hot lunch and drinks in the Lichthof and network with your international peers. Visit the solution providers in the Expo to see how they can help you with some of your business challenges. The DIS, in conjunction with c't Magazine and Heise Online, will have an area in the Expo where you can try out some of the latest wearable technologies including virtual reality (VR). This is also a chance to visit Google House.


Track Sessions

Orange Track - Mitte Stage

MC:  Jim Bilton, Wessenden Marketing & Brandlab Research


Pink Track - Lichthof Stage

MC:  Mike Hewitt, Managing Director, Adaugeo Media

Orange Track - Mitte Stage

How a Global Icon is Innovating Digitally to Deepen Engagement with the World’s Leading Thinkers

Harvard Business Review (HBR) has built up a substantial, high quality following through the years as a trusted source of thought leadership in times of change. This change has not left this global icon untouched. Joshua Macht and Eric Hellweg show how HBR is innovating digitally, not only to continue, but to deepen its engagement with the world's leading thinkers and practitioners through digital platforms.


Joshua Macht, Group Publisher and EVP, and Eric Hellweg, Managing Director, Digital Strategy and Editorial Director, Harvard Business Review (USA)

Pink Track - Lichthof Stage

Positioning Digital Brands for International Growth

The first chief digital officer for Hearst Magazines International, Gary Ellis, talks about how he’s harnessing and expanding the digital footprint of one of the largest monthly magazine publishers worldwide. Digital and mobile initiatives are absolutely paramount for success in today’s quickly evolving global media landscape, and Gary details some of his team’s most interesting and cutting-edge projects, from successful mobile monetization and e-commerce businesses in Asia to the creation of a high-volume global content-sharing network. Gary will also discuss upcoming launches of new and existing brands, and how he utilizes learnings from the different markets to boost audience, build successful user experiences and maximize accessibility across the company’s global portfolio.


Gary Ellis, Chief Digital Officer, Hearst Magazines International (USA)


Orange Track - Mitte Stage

The Future of Professional Publishing is (Almost) Here – How a Print Publisher is Becoming a Digital Solutions Provider

Helping your audience not just by offering them the right kinds of books or journals, but the tools they need to succeed at different stages in their career – that is the recipe Elsevier has been following. Alexander van Boetzelaer shares insights into Elsevier’s path to becoming a digital solutions provider and what is behind their impressive transformation from generating two thirds of their revenues from print to making two thirds from electronic products, most of them subscriptions – many a publisher’s dream.


Alexander van Boetzelaer, Managing Director R&D Solutions, Elsevier (USA)

Pink Track - Lichthof Stage

Tools for Publishers

In this session, hear about some innovative and effective solutions that can help publishers extend their digital businesses.


Barry Kelly, CEO, Thought Industries (USA)

Speaker TBD, Madgex (UK)


Orange Track - Mitte Stage

Wearables and Virtual Reality: How to Wow Your Audience with a $3 Device

Wearables are everywhere: On our wrists, in our pockets and on our heads. In this session, you’ll hear about all kinds of wearables – and about Virtual Reality headsets in particular. VR can be used as a journalistic tool: It can immerse users into practically any location and convey the sights, sounds, and emotional impact of the news like never before. To view VR content, your audience does not have to buy expensive gear -- a cardboard smartphone mount for $3 will do.


Jan-Keno Janssen, Editor, c't Magazin and Heise Online (Germany)

Pink Track - Lichthof Stage

Drive Traffic and Loyalty - Get Discovered and Collected on Pinterest

Pinterest, the visual bookmarking tool that helps people discover and save creative ideas, has grown to include over 750 million boards and 30 billion pins. As Pinterest grows globally, businesses are seeing expanding value as millions of pinners discover and pursue the things they love the most. Matt Crystal, Head of International at Pinterest, tells us about the latest ways people use Pinterest, showcase effective brand and publisher approaches to the platform, and share advice on how to make most of this popular discovery and collection tool.


Matt Crystal, Head of International, Pinterest (USA)


DIS Refresh: Networking Break

Come into the Expo area to grab coffee, tea, drinks and a snack, network with you international peers. Check out some of the innovative solutions being offered by our sponsors. Visit the wearables area to try out some of the latest technologies and take a look at the Google House.


Orange Track - Mitte Stage

Innovating through Startups – Great Idea, but How?

RocketX, the Corporate Innovation unit of RocketSpace, helps brands understand how startups work, how to work with them and how to work like them. In this session, the head of RocketX, Michele McConomy, focuses on the different ways media companies can innovate with the help of startups.


Michele McConomy, Vice President RocketX, RocketSpace (USA)

Media Hack Day "Connected Car" Hackathon – Recap

The Media Hack Day hackathon, organized by the Digital Innovators' Summit and Axel Springer, explored new features and possibilities that will bring digital media and products in our cars and onto the street over the weekend of 21-22 March 2015. In this short session, we show you what happened and which hacker teams came up with the best concepts and products. If they are still around, we may even have the winners present their innovative ideas and concepts live. More information on Media Hack Day can be found here including ways media companies can participate.


Holger Weiss, CEO, AUPEO!

Pink Track - Lichthof Stage

Content and Storytelling as a Strategic, Turnaround Resource

The Internet nearly killed this 161-yeard old technology brand by 2009. But today, as a multi-platform brand, it is back on strong footing. A decision to use content and storytelling as a strategic resource played – and continues to do so – a crucial part in its turnaround. Here is the story of the turnaround, and how content and storytelling matters.


Jan Moberg, Publisher, and Svein-Erik Hole, Editor-in-Chief, TU Media (Norway)


Orange Track - Mitte Stage

DSX - DIS Startup eXchange

This fast-paced session is dedicated to startups that may well be interesting for your content business. We have invited some of the most exciting startups from Berlin and beyond to present their ideas and products to our audience. This is your chance to see what may become the next big thing in its infancy, or to discover new ideas and potential partners for your business.


Moderators: Katja Nettesheim, Founder and Managing Director and Aljoscha Kaplan, Partner, _MEDIATE

Rickard Ebersjö, Co-Founder and CEO, A(d)ssets 

Mengting Gao, Co-Founder und Managing Director, Kitchen Stories

Gary Merrett, Co-Founder and COO, Datamonk

Thorsten Petter, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Plenigo


Click here to see profiles of the startups.

Pink Track - Lichthof Stage

Subscribers on the Move

The Economist shares how it is adapting to the needs of its subscribers as they access content from various locations and devices, in particular mobile.


Robin Raven, Vice President Product Management, Digital Solutions, The Economist Group (UK)


Quick Refresh

Grab a drink and make your way back to the main hall for the final speakers of the day


The Evolving Ecosystem for Media and News

Richard Gingras’ experience goes way beyond his current roles at Google – he has been involved with new media, online services and software longer than most, and he sits on the board of several journalistic organisations. From this background that combines technology, business, and journalism, he gives his perspective on the evolving ecosystem for media and news and what he foresees for the future. In this invigorating talk, he also shares his ideas on how to approach new business models for content and news businesses.


Richard Gingras, Senior Director of News and Social Products, Google (USA)


Blended Reality: Riding the Waves of Innovation

In Shane’s “Blended Reality” presentation, his sense of wonder is contagious as he describes current and emerging technologies—Hyper Mobility, 3D Transformation, the Internet of Everything and Smart Machines—that are radically expanding what’s possible for creators, makers, designers, entrepreneurs and industries. In this presentation he: shows (sketches and physical objects moving instantly into digital objects you can manipulate…groundbreaking developments in 3D printing) tells (stories of makers and innovators across industries). He leaves audiences with both enthusiasm for, and curiosity about, the impact this new era will have on lives, business, and the global society.


Shane Wall, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Printer & Personal Systems, Hewlett-Packard (USA)


Recap and Adjournment

Mike Hewitt, Managing Director, Adaugeo Media


DIS Early

After a long day of insights, information and inspiration, mix and mingle with your fellow attendees and speakers in the Lichthof. Enjoy conversations and drinks before heading to dinner in the vibrant city of Berlin with new or old friends.


DIS Late

Fun and networking doesn't end with DIS Early. After dinner, come join us at the trendy Newton Bar, named after the photographer Helmut Newton and featuring his work, located next to the Gendarmenmarkt, a short distance from the conference center for more socializing and drinks (no host bar).


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