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Breakfast and Expo

Start the second day with coffee, tea and a light breakfast and see some of the innovation solutions being offered in the expo area prior to another exciting day of sessions and networking.


Welcome back

Mike Hewitt, Managing Director, Adaugeo Media


Excellence in Creativity - Presenting Some of the Most Creative Digital Ads in the World

The Cannes Lions is the world’s biggest annual awards show and festival for professionals in the advertising industry. Who better than Lions Festivals CEO Phil Thomas to share some award-winning digital advertising campaigns, and share his thoughts on what makes a good campaign. Prepare to be amazed by world-leading creative excellence in advertising.


Philip Thomas, Chief Executive, Lions Festivals (UK)


How a Great Innovative Brand Offers Advertising

From programmatic to native advertising to high-value video advertising - these are some of the advertising trends impacting publishers today. As BBC Worldwide’s head of publishing, Chris Kerwin deals with these topics every day, shaping BBC brands such as BBC Good Food to take advantage of the opportunities these and other ad innovations bring. In this session, Chris will provide you with a publisher’s view on the advertising world, sharing real-life insights on how best to exploit current trends and how to be ready for developments to come.


Chris Kerwin, Head of Publishing, BBC Worldwide (UK)


Solution Provider 100 Second Pitches

Solution providers tell you in 100 seconds what they can do to help your business. Featuring:

AdvantageCS - Dan Heffernan, Vice President and Chief Product Manager


How New Generation, Digital First Sites Thrive

The news business is in a time of unprecedented upheaval and opportunity. Legacy news brands are suffering from serial downsizing and aging audiences. But if commodity news is in crisis, a new generation of digital first news brands are bucking the trend, showing that edgy but substantive content can resonate with a millennial audience who overwhelmingly get their news on mobile devices. The growth of The Daily Beast over the past year is a case in point. Now regularly reaching 20 million uniques a month, The Daily Beast is majority mobile and millennials and members of Gen X make up 75% of their audience. Younger readers are hungry for quality journalism that combines independence, irreverence and intelligence. As editor-in-chief and managing director of The Daily Beast, John Avlon comes with content credentials second to none. Apart from his work at The Daily Beast, he is a political analyst for CNN, the author of two books, editor of two journalism anthologies, a former chief speechwriter for New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and much more. In this session, he will show how quality news content can resonate with millennial readers in a majority mobile environment. Amid all the creative destruction in the industry, Avlon unveils some surprising content trends that show there is good news about the news.


John Avlon, Editor-in-Chief, The Daily Beast (USA)


DIS Refresh: Networking Break

Come into the Lichthof to grab coffee, tea, drinks and a snack as well as to network and see what the solution providers are offering. Experience some of the latest technologies at the wearables booth and Google House.


Track Sessions

Orange Track - Mitte Stage

MC: Mike Hewitt, Managing Director, Adaugeo Media


Pink Track - Lichthof Stage

MC: Jim Bilton, Wessenden Marketing & Brandlab Research

Orange Track - Mitte Stage

Paid Content – Status and Best Practices

Paid Content is an increasingly valid part of digital business models for more and more publishers. But what approaches work best, when and how is selling digital content successful? Kelly Leach shares insights and best practices as well as the possibilities that publishers might not be tapping into enough just yet.


Kelly Leach, CEO, Piano Media (USA)



Panel: Paid Content – How to Really Make It Work

In this panel, we will hear some of the hottest paid content service companies discuss what approaches work for paid content and the technologies and tools that are available to publishers.


Moderator: Mike Hewitt, Managing Director, Adaugeo Media

Marten Blankesteijn, CEO, Blendle (The Netherlands)

Philipp Graf Montgelas, Managing Director, Readly Deutschland (Germany)

Nikolay Malyarov, EVP, Chief Content Officer and General Counsel, PressReader (Canada)

Kelly Leach, CEO, Piano Media (USA)

Falk-Florian Henrich, Founder & CEO, CeleraOne (Germany)

Pink Track - Lichthof Stage

Building Brands and Building Platforms – Can Publishers Do Both Successfully?

Say Media was a poster child for the new breed of media company: all-digital - it had its origin in Video Egg and Six Apart – with a constantly evolving state-of-the-art technology platform, strong brands, engaging media experiences and integrated, native advertising. However, it turns out that to be all of those things is incredibly hard. CTO and Co-Founder Dave Lerman shares the learnings, what they might have done differently, what role external trends have played and what he sees for the future. 


David Lerman, CTO and Co-Founder, Say Media (USA)



How a Traditional Danish Publisher Innovates for Global Digital Success

Creativity and innovation rarely happen by coincidence – they can be invited and fostered in a very organized way and framework. Hear how Aller Media fosters innovation in their 140-year-old media company to come up with new digital products and revenue streams from a global market. Pernille Aalund and Jan Krog Henningsen will showcase some of their successful new products and go into practical detail including how they built their new innovation department, how they developed their own innovation process and how it works, how they test products and what they learn from the inevitable failures.


Pernille Aalund, Director of Aller Innovation and Jan Krog Henningsen, Head of Development for Aller Innovation, Aller Media (Denmark)


Orange Track - Mitte Stage

Programmatic and RTB – A Perspective for Publishers on Delivering Trust and Value

IAB data suggests 20% of digital media are currently monetised via automated platforms. The efficiency benefits for both buy- and sell sides are clear, yet questions and concerns remain from advertisers and their agencies. Greater transparency in the quality of inventory, including viewability, fraud and target audiences, will enable publishers to maximise their potential from this rapidly-growing opportunity. This session will deliver global insights on these key issues and publisher-focused strategies for growth within the programmatic space.


Mike Shaw, VP Media, comScore

Pink Track - Lichthof Stage

Engagement - The New Media Currency 

When Miina Lange was the editor in chief at Cosmopolitan Finland, she decided to try a new “bloggazine” content concept developed by Swedish company JOSH, with the goal to find new revenue streams for Cosmo online. Built on a platform that empowers editors and bloggers, they made the conscious decision not to focus on clicks and page views, but instead on engagement, creativity, branding and offering deep profile data for their advertisers. In this talk, Miina shares how their concept works and where the new revenue streams come from.


Miina Lange, Publishing Director, Iltalehti (Finland)


Reconvene in Main Hall


Creativity is Everywhere – How to Harness It in Your Organization

During his 15 years in news, lastly as the Director of Digital, Mobile & New Product Design at the Washington Post, Justin did one of the things he does best: Bring together people of different disciplines to come up with new products that are much more interesting and innovative than anything any one of them could have created on their own. At Stanford’s “d.school”, he still does that - and more. In his talk, he will convey some of the key elements that can help media organizations be more innovative, such as fostering a creative culture, applying design thinking and the idea of creative confidence.


Justin Ferrell, Fellowships Director, d.school - Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford (USA)


DIS Recharge: Lunch and Expo

Enjoy lunch and drinks in the Lichthof and network with your international peers. Visit the solution providers to see how they can help you with some of your business challenges. Get hands on experience with wearable devices at the wearables booth. And see a vision of the connected future with Google House.

Meet the Founder - Berlin Startup Tour

Those that have registered for the Tuesday Meet the Founder Tour will meet for lunch at the DIS in the Lichthof. After lunch, the group will visit 3 startup companies and the editorial office of Gründerszene, a magazine for founders, entrepreneurs and startups, which promises additional insights into startup trends. The tour will conclude at 18:20 and return to the conference center. Take a look at the schedule and programme for more details. Note: Meet the Founder tour participation requires a separate registration. Register here.


Afternoon Sessions

Mitte Stage

Innovation Deep-Dive


Understanding Innovation in a Disrupted Industry: What, How and When

According to a recent study by Bain & Co, media is the industry already the most impacted by the transition to a combined digital and physical world. They forecast significant further disruption leading to 2020. All this adds up to a lot of opportunity and demand for innovation. Much innovation thinking and process comes from decades of product manufacturing and this has been adopted to good effect by the publishing industry. However, the digital world brings a different approach to innovation that in many ways is the direct opposite. Alan South, who presents masterclasses for leading business schools and private clients, will help you explore the methods, how to choose when to use what and how to communicate this within your organisation to build support for your venture.


Alan South, Innovation Practitioner and course leader on FIPP and Oxford University's Saïd Business School’s Executive Programme for Management and Change (UK)



Fireside Chat on Design and Innovation

Intrigued by what you heard from Justin Ferrell before lunch, and want to know more about Justin’s and the d.school’s approach to design? Then join us in this intimate and interactive session. Justin will take a quick poll to see what people are most interested in and dive into an informal discussion to expand on the subject or topics of interest.


Justin Ferrell, Fellowships Director, d.school - Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford (USA)

Lichthof Stage


Building Pureplay, E-commerce Brands Across Borders

Sanoma Digital invested in Fashionchick, an e-commerce play, some five years ago. Subsequently, they have been steadily building and internationalising the brand, while launching further plays to form the Storefronts division within Sanoma Digital. Today they operate in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Austria and the UK. Antoine Hendrikx, business unit manager of Storefronts will share secrets to their expansion, lessons learnt and why they are on the look out for further partnerships.


Antoine Hendrikx, Business Unit Manager Storefronts, Sanoma Digital (Netherlands)



How Data and Digital Helped to Transform Radio Times, One of the UK’s Best-known Magazine Brands

Radio Times’ heritage stretches back to 1923. Over the years, it has become one of the UK’s best-known, and best-loved, magazine brands. But Immediate Media Co., the owner of the Radio Times since 2011, saw a new opportunity: To reinvent the brand in the digital space – creating new platforms, finding new audiences, and using data insights to unlock new revenue opportunities. The brand has redefined itself in the digital space. Here’s how.


Stuart Forrest, Digital Publisher, Radio Times (UK)



Publishing for the Social Age

The rise of social has given journalists and publishers new ways to explore and experiment with tools, formats and videos to engage with the online audience. Join Juliane Leopold, Founding Editor, BuzzFeed Deutschland as she shares what people love to share the most and why.


Juliane Leopold, Founding Editor, Buzzfeed Deutschland (Germany)

Workshop (2nd Floor)


Reflecting Publishers’ Data Strategies Against Upcoming Data Regulation – a Future Media Lab. Expert Workshop

the Future Media Lab. is a think tank initiative of the European Magazine Media Association, EMMA in Brussels

Publishers today innovate and develop new business models – many of them based on big data. Data-driven advertising as well as data-enabled dissemination of content is at the core of any publisher’s strategic thinking. The more important it is to gather insights how the upcoming European data protection regulation – to be in place latest by 2018 across Europe - impacts these innovative strategies that aim to build the future of Europe’s publishing business. In addition, the increasing concentration of players on these markets as well as the intransparency of business models among technology intermediaries which facilitate those strategies pose a new challenge to the regulator in order to safeguard competition and diversity for publishers across Europe.


In this Future Media Lab. workshop we will tackle two key perspectives of this debate:


a. What impact does the new European data protection regulation have on publishers’ data strategies? With a group of experts we want to explore questions you need to address today in the context of the new law in order to build your data strategy in a way that takes the new regulation as an opportunity rather than a threat.


b. How to ensure competitiveness and diversity on new markets around data-driven advertising? What regulatory challenges does the EU face? The strong tendencies for market concentration undermine competition in this field, whereas intransparency of data practices and media algorithms challenge conventional wisdoms of market power. Understanding the mechanisms of these continuously innovating markets will help to set the regulatory agenda to ensure competition and diversity for publishers.


Join this session if you want to get key input for your strategic decision-making when it comes to big data.


Moderator:  Daniel Knapp, Director, Advertising, IHS Technology (UK)

Paul Lee, Founder, Ecuiti, LLC (USA) 

Alex Merwin, VP, Programmatic & Business Analytics, SpotXchange (USA) 

Alessandro Svensson, Head of Native Advertising, Schibsted Media Group (Sweden)

David Wainberg, Privacy & Policy Counsel, AppNexus (USA)

Márta Nagy-Rothengass, Head of Unit "Data Value Chain" in DG CONNECT, European Commission (Belgium)


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