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Worlds colliding: wearable tech and the media

Consuming the news on the Apple Watch is only a glimpse into the future of news consumption. With Wearable World, entrepreneur Redg Snodgrass has built an accelerator for wearable technology products and the Internet of Things. With ReadWrite, Snodgrass is establishing a new platform for tech news. In his talk, Snodgrass will explain how these two worlds collide. 

Redg Snodgrass, CEO at ReadWrite and CEO and Co-founder at Wearable World, USA


Innovating through storytelling the National Geographic way

National Geographic is in a unique position to tell compelling stories across platforms that appeal to diverse audiences. The “secret sauce” of its success is the visually stunning factually accurate premium content, multi-platform distribution and great user experience. By leveraging its talent, NG has access to the latest research and the world’s leading scientific experts and explorers. At NG, everyone is considered a storyteller, and it equips them with the tools and the forums to tell their stories in different ways, to different audiences. It also creates franchises and avenues where it can connect directly with its audience. By doing this, NG is in a constant state of innovation in how to create and transform its content and find the audiences where they are. This is what makes the brand relevant, and why it continues to thrive

Yulia Boyle, SVP of International Media, National Geographic, USA


FIRESIDE CHAT: Agency and brand perspectives on the blurring of media lines

More details to follow soon

Dirk Fromm, chief operating officer, MediaCom, Germany

Alina Hückelkamp, former chief strategy and innovation officer, Razorfish Germany, and founder, Of Unicorns and Lions


Inside GE’s content innovation hub: engaging audiences through disruptive content projects

GE may be an industrial brand that's 123 years old, but when it comes to the innovative use of digital (and print and live) channels, it is as nimble and energized as a startup after its first funding round. A BBQ Research Center at SXSW? Check. A #droneweek on Periscope? Check. First-of-their-kind content partnerships with media brands? Check. Back to the future with branded comic books? Check. These are just some of the ways in which the company creates conversations around the digital-industrial company and engages consumers across marketplaces. GE’s Director of Innovation Sam Olstein is here to explain the mind shift brands must make from campaign-based to continued engagement.

Sam Olstein, Global Director of Innovation, GE, USA




Track Sessions

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How The New Yorker’s investment in quality content has users turning over dollars

Nearly two years ago The New Yorker took down the paywall to its archives, triggering a proverbial run on the bank – its archive content. Five months later the paywall came back up, causing another run… on paid subscriptions. It wasn’t a fluke. Its digital audience is up 25% year on year, and subscriptions more than 60%! Regular, top quality content lies at the very heart of The New Yorker’s stunning performance. In this session you will get the inside track on The New Yorker’s digital content strategy and operations, and why creating superior, quality user experiences holds the key to sustainable brand success in a world where fickleness all too often holds sway.

Henry Finder, executive editor, The New Yorker, USA

Mitte Stage

Strategies to combat ad blocking and increase ad effectiveness

Arguably some of the biggest debates of 2015 surrounded ad blocking itself and strategies available to publishers to overcome the problem. Reactions varied from doing nothing, to blocking access to content for users with ad blockers on to focusing on better user ad experiences and more. In this session we get views on latest developments and insights.

Ben Barokas, CEO, Sourcepoint, USA

Lichthof Stage

11:30 - 12:10

DEEP-DIVE: The case for collaborative publisher partnerships in tech

Publishers compete against each other all the time with their own brands and the content they produce. However, there is a growing coalition of media companies spending time sharing resources to benefit all. Burda takes the view that publishers don't compete on technology. So it has instituted The Thunder project, which provides a CMS that is freely available to anyone in the industry. Ingo Rübe uses Thunder as a case study to explain how and why publishers should collaborate for joint success.

Ingo Rübe, CTO, Burda Magazine Holding, Germany




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Inside the ever-evolving content operation at Paris Match

Whereas editors of the past were like captains steering ships, today it’s more like spinning the plates… and sometimes those plates break, says Olivier Royant of the role of modern day editors. One of the challenges for Paris Match to contend with is the different speed of news: ‘weekly’ and ‘now’. This has never been truer than in today’s world, where the content mill works in over-drive. Hear about their ever-evolving multi-platform strategy and how Olivier and his team innovate to ensure the brand’s quality of content shines through.

Marion Mertens, Senior Digital Editor, Paris Match, France

Mitte Stage

How G+J combats ad blocking and improves user satisfaction

Ad blocking usage rates have rapidly increased in 2015 and the impact on online businesses has become palpable. Publishers are experimenting with different approaches to the issue, some more successful than others. In this session, Oliver von Wersch will provide insight into G+J’s strategy and approaches to ad blocking, and their effectiveness to date. He will illustrate this with insights from G+J's own research and actual results on effectiveness from brands such as Brigitte, Gala, GEO and Schöner Wohnen.

Oliver von Wersch, MD, G+J Digital, Germany


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How Golf Digest scored an eagle with its investment into video, newsletters and the mobile web

Golf Digest is the #1 internationally distributed sports title in the world with 27 international editions, all with their own digital, video and social strategy. In the US, investment into digital – including native video – is starting to pay off big time with 2015 Y-on-Y revenue in video up 143%, newsletters up 114% and web up 32%. Overall video views grew 71% – making Golf Digest, as a special interest brand in a lucrative market segment, one of Condé Nast’s best performing digital brands in the U.S. and worldwide. Angie Byun, Senior Director of International Strategy & Development, will discuss Golf Digest's strategies for success.

Angela Byun, senior director, international development strategy, Golf Digest, USA

Mitte Stage

Inside Time Inc. UK’s media innovation lab

See how Time Inc. approaches lab testing – from ideation supported with insight and personas to sense checking the business need and then building an MVP (minimum viable product). Learn how they rapidly test the MVP for consumer demand, pivoting along the way before the “go”/”no go” decision on product launch. They will illustrate this with the recent launch of listforlife.net and forthcoming launch of live-smart.co.

Richard Giddings, Technology and Product Engineering, and Andrew Sanders, Digital Sales, Time Inc. UK




Track Sessions

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What you should know about developing trends in the world of programmatic advertising

Where is programmatic likely to head in the future? What lessons have been learnt from the Pangaea Alliance and other co-operatives? How does video and native advertising fit into the programmatic game? Jay Stevens is here to answer these, and other questions you may have.

Frank Bachér, MD, Rubicon Project, Northern Europe, Germany

Mitte Stage


Building a pureplay tech brand into a vertical multi-platform success

Founded in 2006, The Next Web (TNW) is a tech media company focusing on Generation Tech. It's publication is one of the world’s largest online publications providing an original and opinionated perspective on remarkable stories for Generation T. Using the foothold gained in the online space, TNW has developed several other initiatives to expand its sphere of influence, including worldwide conferences, online marketplace, data intelligence on startups, and a 6000m2 work space in the heart of Amsterdam. In China it has a content partnership with Chinese internet giant Tencent. Hear how TNW has transformed itself from a pureplay publisher to multiplatform brand.

Patrick de Laive, co-founder The Next Web, The Netherlands

Lichthof Stage


DEEP-DIVE: Trends in Media Innovation: 5 ways of storytelling with crowdsourcing and virtual reality

Hear from one of the most distinguished researchers and consultants on this field how journalists can use the collective intelligence of the crowds to aid in tasks and accomplish investigations that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. Learn how crowdsourcing and other open journalistic practices, when done right, can create additional value for journalism. Be briefed about virtual reality as a medium for journalistic storytelling, and the role of the crowds in producing virtual reality content. And learn how publishers are tapping into collective intelligence and getting the most out of it.

Tanja Aitamurto, Deputy Director and postdoctoral Brown Fellow at the Brown Institute for Media Innovation, Stanford University


Track Sessions

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Digital Transformation: Challenges and Opportunities for the Advertising Industry

Digital transformation is changing the customer journey and advertising landscape. What does this mean for the industry? Today's digital advertising market is highly fragmented, not transparent and largely inefficient. Digital and mobile advertising, along with programmatic buying, is gaining massive momentum, yet the industry continues to face serious issues that surround digital advertising. Find out more about new opportunities for digital advertising and digital media.

Johann C. Freilinger, Head of Marketing and Communications, SAP Exchange Media, Germany

Mitte Stage

News for millennials: audience engagement at mic.com

Only four years old, news website Mic has already scored an exclusive interview with US President Barack Obama. Mic has found a way to get millennials interested in politics and serious news, reaching 22 million visitors per month. Chris Altchek will go into detail about how they built a community of 18- to 34-year-old highly engaged readers.

Chris Altchek, CEO and Co-Founder, Mic, USA




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The future of mobile and content players’ place within this world: The Google Perspective

There has never been a more exciting time for producers of content, with more ways than ever before to reach audiences around the globe. But with engagement with content increasingly through mobile phones, it requires a rethink not only in terms of how content is developed, but also the user experience when content is consumed. In late 2015, Google announced its open source Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project. Hear first-hand not only about the project, but also how Google views the future of the mobile web and content players’ place within this world.

Nick Harthan, global partnerships, Google, Singapore

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14:15 - 14:55

DEEP-DIVE: Mixing journalism and technology in ‘the mad scientist’s lab’

Whenever there’s a new gadget and/or an emerging technology you can be sure that Robert Hernandez and his students will try to find out what’s in it for journalism. As an associate professor at the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism in Los Angeles, he has gained national attention for designing cutting-edge classes, such as “Augmented Reality Storytelling + Journalism,” and a Google Glass class to explore how wearable devices could transform newsgathering and delivery. Prepare for a colourful and action-filled session by the self-described “mad scientist of journalism”.

Robert Hernandez, associate professor, USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, USA

Lichthof Stage


Worlds colliding: wearable tech and the media

Consuming the news on the Apple Watch is only a glimpse into the future of news consumption. With Wearable World, entrepreneur Redg Snodgrass has built an accelerator for wearable technology products and the Internet of Things. With ReadWrite, Snodgrass is establishing a new platform for tech news. In his talk, Snodgrass will explain how these two worlds collide. 

Redg Snodgrass, CEO at ReadWrite and CEO and Co-founder at Wearable World, USA

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Beyond launch: Axel Springer’s plans for its upday play

More detail to follow soon.

Jan-Eric Peters, chief product officer, upday, Germany




Track Sessions

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Engaging new audiences in the mobile-first continent: Ringier’s digital foray into Africa

Africa is a continent where high levels of mobile penetration present the single biggest media opportunity for the continent. Ringier Africa today runs content, classifieds and ecommerce businesses across five Sub-Saharan African countries. Hear how it has built the business, why mobile is crucial to business success and what other markets can learn from mobile innovation and trends on the African continent.

Julian Artopé, director, Ringier Africa, Kenya

Mitte Stage

15:00 - 15:40

DEEP-DIVE: The good, the bad and the ugly of distributed content strategies

Facebook Instant Articles, Google Accelerated Mobile Pages, Snapchat Discover, Apple News – digital gatekeepers are working on concepts that are changing the distribution and consumption of content on mobile devices significantly. It requires a paradigm shift for publishers and a full reversal of current mechanisms of traffic acquisition, content consumption and content monetisation. In a distributed media environment, traffic should not longer be directed towards content – content should be distributed as atomic units to the user at the right time and on the right platform. This also has implications for publishers’ business and revenue models, because gatekeepers then control major parts of the value chain and publishers are pushed back into the role of content creators. Find out what you can do about this.

Ralf Kaumanns, Advisor – digital business, growth and competition, Germany

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The power of live

Twitter remains one of the most powerful platforms through which to engage audiences around live events. Video, and in particular Periscope and Vine, increasingly plays a crucial role in live engagements. Hear from Rowan Barnett how publishers can make the most of live, targeting the mobile, video generation.

Rowan Barnett, Head of Media Partnerships EMEA, Twitter, Germany


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