24-26 March 2019, Berlin

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DIS 2018 agenda - Day 2

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Networking coffee and meetings


Audience call and welcome back




AI and the future of society

Chris Boos, Founder and CEO, arago, Germany


High-speed disruption, real data, the scourge of fake news. How to win as a digital publisher

Dr. Andreas Wiele, President Classifieds and Marketing Media, Axel Springer, Germany


What next for platforms and publishers?

The dynamics between platforms and publishers are changing. While Platforms are as dominant as ever, recent revelation to misinformation campaigns have them shifting course when it comes to news. At the same time publishers have seen more and more success going direct to audiences. In this session, we’ll unpack these fast moving events and examine the implications for quality content and news consumers.

Vivian Schiller, Executive Editor in Residence at Weber Shandwick and Director at the Scott Trust, USA


Networking coffee break


Exploring new opportunities/ Voice-activated devices


How to engage your audience with “Google for restaurants”
Ilkka O. Lavas, Serial Entrepreneur, Speaker, Angel Investor, Eat and The City

Give your journalists the tools produce professional content – any time, anywhere

Pablo Herrero, Head of Business Development EMEA, Vizrt



Three ways forward for modern

In today’s landscape of emerging media, brands are constantly challenged with new expectations and unforeseen hurdles that impact the decisions they must make when it comes to communicating with consumers and running advertising. Three key areas of focus have emerged that will be critical in how they effectively and efficiently navigate new media:
data proficiency, partnerships, and trust. Through this lens, Bernhard Glock will uncover how forward-looking brands are reinventing the media agency model; why they’re rethinking how they use data, analytics and insights to personalise communication; what it means to be redefined as a content generator; and how to operate in an industry where accountability is paramount and regulation is a new reality.

Bernhard Glock, Senior Vice President,
MediaLink, USA

Storytelling on voice-activated devices

How Voice and Audio - via mobile devices, home assistants - are going to be transformational channels of engagement for news and content publishers in the near future.

Alexander Bregman, Strategic Partner Development Manager, Product Partnerships EMEA Google, France














Single sign-on across industries –
the opportunity for publishers

The aim of verimi is to allow users to access websites across multiple industries with a single sign-on key. Especially now that publishers are facing challenges with Europe’s new General Data Protection Regulation, such a digital master key can ensure users’ digital identities remain within EU jurisdiction while providing manifold opportunities for publishers including access to data to further develop their digital business models. Donata Hopfen is here to update us on progress with verimi and to discuss how your company can benefit from developments.

       Donata Hopfen, CEO, verimi, Germany


5-minute Interval


Media models / Exploring new opportunities


Changes in consumer behaviour in using and paying for content
Nikolay Malyarov, EVP, Chief Content Officer and General Counsel, PressReader

Freewall: The third monetisation strategy because well-funded journalism matters
Prash Naidu, Founder and CEO, Rezonence


It's digital ... but not as we
know it

Taking his cue from Star Trek – "It's life Jim. But not as we know it" – Julian March explains why conceptions on making money from digital media were wide off the mark. It is not quantity, but quality. It is not display, but the revenue mix. It is not about now, but lifetime value. Hear more from Julian as he explains how Future approaches the "coming of age of digital".

Julian March, MD of Media, Games,
Video & Entertainment, Future plc, USA

How the rise of Visual Search
will impact on your media business

Jenny Griffiths, founder of Snap Tech, explains how the power of visual search can unlock the hidden monetization potential of your lifestyle content, and how using AI in the right way can provide the ultimate toolkit to help editors create more content that matters.

Jenny Griffiths, Founder and
Software Engineer, Snap Tech, UK


How IDG's global pivot to hyper-
vertical publisher can work for you

Learn IDG leveraged its footprint across 147 markets to develop a hyper-vertical publishing strategy with the focus on quality of engagement rather than size of the audience. Understand how to employ a similar mindset shift to improve reader experience and revenue performance.

      Matt Egan, Editorial Director: USA
      and UK, IDG, USA/UK

Using real-time algorithms for
data-driven content monetisation

How Ebner unlocks the business value of constant conversions.

Dominik Grau, Chief Innovation
Officer, Ebner Media Group, Germany


Networking lunch break


Audience engagement


How CNI Digital's global social media works to reinforce local brand loyalty and enhance storytelling

Hannah Ray will explain how Condé Nast International (CNI) Digital brings about consistency across multiple franchises without neglecting the local brand and how Vogue International creates global stories for multiple accounts on Instagram and Snapchat

Hannah Ray, Head of Visual Storytelling and Social Strategy, Condé Nast International, UK


Bleacher Report's recipe for reaching millennial men

Hear from Lee Walker on how Bleacher Report reaches a young, millennial audience via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat with premium content and original programming. How does B/R speak to sport and culture obsessed youngsters who have grown up in a world of infinite choice and crave an alternative?

Lee Walker, International Managing Editor, Football/International, Bleacher Report, UK


Snap judgements: Snapchat and The Economist's digital strategy

Hear how The Economist found success with Snapchat, reaching out to and engaging a new audience demographic for the venerable brand first launched in 1843.

Lucy Rohr, Snapchat editor and deputy multi-media editor, The Economist, USA


How the Social Listening via Brandwatch influences Marketing and Product decisions at the BBC

The BBC is using the social listening tool, Brandwatch to track conversations across social media, forums and websites. In this talk, we will hear from the CMO of Brandwatch as well as the Head of Social Listening as the BBC as they share real examples of how Social Listening has transformed the way the BBC promotes their TV shows.

Jenny Woods,Head of Social Media Listening, BBC UK

Will McInnes, CMO, Brandwatch, UK


The remarkable transformation of Atlantic Media's National Journal

Adapting business models requires guts. A complete overhaul takes even more. Faced with a near perfect storm of new, agile competitors in the marketplace and clients lost to the global financial crisis, chose the latter. The weekly news magazine underwent a total transformation, from a subscriptions and advertising-funded brand to a research and advisory consultancy specialised in getting premium intelligence to high-value members. Here is how they did it.

Kevin Turpin, President, National Journal, USA



*Note: The programme is subject to change

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