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FIPP and VDZ Digital Innovators’ Tour 2017

Immersive, in-depth and meaningful learning experiences for senior media


 12-17 November 2017 | Seattle & San Francisco

 Next generation innovation in practice


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What is the FIPP/VDZ Digital Innovators’ Tour?

The Tour is an exclusive, one-of-a-kind opportunity organised by FIPP, the network for global media, and VDZ, the Germany Publishers Association, to for up to 20 senior-level international media executives to visit cutting edge Internet, tech and media companies on the USA East and West Coasts to explore novel concepts, emerging themes and witness practical innovation first-hand.

Originally started in 2014 as an extension to our Digital Innovators’ Summit, The next DI Tour, our 5th, visits San Francisco and Seattle from 12 -17 November.



Who will we visit?

With its high concentration of Internet, tech and new media companies, backed by several of the world’s largest VC funds, gain insight from and experience the energy and passion driving San Francisco and Seattle forward. We will visit companies such as:

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Who else goes?

Our tours offer an exclusive, intimate opportunity for up to 20 senior level international delegates in media to join. Previous attendees are from companies such as:


What topics will we cover?

Immerse yourself in 1-2 hour, exclusive, off-the-record and in-depth meetings as we cover topics like:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Big data, analytics and audience insight and engagement
  • Voice, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Immersive Storytelling
  • Using innovation labs and design thinking to incubate new media ideas
  • Innovation thinking of new breeds of new high-growth media companies


What do previous participants say?

I attended the spring Digital Tour in NYC and Washington (Spring 2017). The tour gives you the opportunity to follow trends in the super-changing digital world, through meeting management teams from not only the biggest digital players as Google or FB, but also from interesting start ups and those in between. It’s an opportunity to become part of very innovative surroundings.”

Alicia Modzelewska, CEO, Edipresse Poland


FIPP and VDZ's DI Tour offers tremendous business value to us. As we're transforming our media company from print to digital to mobile we're always in need of understanding the latest media trends and technologies; meeting with start-ups and established media companies is an important part of our transformation management. The DI Tour is a great setup and offers a unique experience because you not only get to meet interesting companies – but you also get to meet other tour attendees which allows you to share common insights and tackle broad industry challenges together. As such the DI Tour is both a rewarding travel experience and a platform to connect with like-minded media experts.
Dominik Grau, Chief Innovation Officer, Ebner Publishing Group


“Seeing how fast startups can move is frightening but inspiring, too  – I got insights how they do it and what to change at home.

Even if today quite some people tend so say that we should observe our local markets first instead of travelling abroad, my experience is: We have to do both. And it is still true that we need to understand how Silicon Valley and Seattle, the technology centers of North America, work (and how we can get some of this spirit into our own countries) and which upcoming trends will probably impact our markets in 2-3 years from now. It is modern time travelling and it works. In addition to this, we need to do research in our own markets. But even there, we will understand our home markets better, if we compare their differences and similarities with foreign markets and discuss these observations with our peers who travel in the FIPP group.”
Nicholas Krause, CEO, knk Business Software AG


“I really enjoyed being on the Digital Innovators' Tour, it was a great experience that opened my eyes to what is happening in media. Having said that, it was not only the companies that we visited that was valuable but also the exchange with the other attendees.”
Patricia Sparacio, Group Publisher, VNR Verlag für die Deutsche Wirtschaft AG


A valuable experience to join the tour to the US East Coast. It provided me not only with many insights, but fantastic contacts at the companies we visited and among other participants in the group. An inspiration, daily!
Ulrich Buser, Managing Director, RTV




Why Seattle and San Francisco?


 These cities were selected due to a high concentration of interesting companies for the media industry


We will visit innovative companies & publishers with interesting business cases


We will also be looking at tech companies that have a heavy influence on the media world, ad agencies, interesting startups and other cutting edge organizations


Seattle is one of the fastest growing tech metropolises at the moment


Silicon Valley is still the headquarter of the technology scene




The people we will target at these organizations include entrepreneurs, founders, thought leaders and senior managers who are taking on the digital challenges of tomorrow.



How much does it cost?



What do I get?

Joint lunches and dinners


Domestic flight between San Francisco and Seattle


FIPP, VDZ and the organisation team will be on hand all time, allowing you to focus squarely on meetings and the overall experience


Post the tour participants will receive meeting presentations (where made available) and contact details of people visited




Join us in San Francisco and Seattle

A reminder that places for the 5th Digital Innovators’ Tour to San Francisco and Seattle 12-17 November 2017, are limited to maximum 20 people. Sign up before it is too late.


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